Face Freckles Try-on — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Apr 11, 2019 | Filter name: "Freckles"

Filter creator: Blagovest Dimitrov (@bdimitrov)

Bdimitrov yet again surprised me with an unexpected filter. This one is called "Freckles", yes, you didn't expect that right? This filter is very simple, yet, it's one of those things that you ask yourself: "Why haven't I thought about that?". It's a simple face filter that positions virtual freckles on your face—Freckles Try-on! It has various variations, from a few freckles to making your face full of them and even some reddish and bluish colored freckles.

I'm sure that there are many people who are wondering who they will look if they had freckles on their face. Even if you haven't thought of it, once you see this filter, you probably would. for me,

It will probably won't come for a lot of use for people who already have freckles, but those who don't have ones. The cool thing about augmented reality is that you can try out all these kind of face transformation stuff in a blink of an eye by just using your smartphone. 

This freckles filter also made me want to read more about freckles. I've read that nobody is actually born with freckles and that the melanocytes act as natural sunscreen by darkening your face. I also read that in medieval times, they were considered witches' marks. Wow, so many interesting facts on freckles that I didn't even know (source).

All the freckle filter variations, except the colored one look very natural both on my face and the images I tried them on.

I also liked the reddish freckles variation and it actually fits some of the faces that I tried on really nice. I like playing with filters and see how they look on different portraits and videos. I think people will enjoy playing with this filter for that exact reason, try to see how it looks on different celebrities, friends and family members.  You don't have to know how to use Photoshop, just point the phone towards whom you want the freckles to appear on and snap a picture.

The colored freckles have a nice sheen which creates a nice effect, take a look (left).

Two women with freckles in augmented reality

I think it is a very smart idea to make such a filter. I've seen tons of filters, and this filter, as easy as it is to do, will be used by many. In fact, Blagovest Dimitrov, the creator of "Freckles" filter reported on his Instagram profile that his filter has been viewed 1 million times in just 3 days!

To tell you that I am very surprised, no, because this is some of those things relates to external look that I'm sure people will like to experiment with, at least once. When I try a filter, I try to get that feeling of what attracts me to use it. Here, it's very simple, I just want to see how I look like with freckles, because I actually never had a chance to do that. This is my chance, and even if I wasn't reviewing filters, I would definitely give it a try, at least once.

Overall, not something to write a book about, but this "Freckles" filters definitely won its place in our list of the best Instagram filters. It's a simple filter, but one that triggers the curiosity of the user and delivers engagement—something I can't say for many other filters. Well done Blagovest Dimitrov, you nailed it again with simplicity.

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