Furry Raccoon Face Mask — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Apr 1, 2019 | Filter name: "Candy Raccoon"

Filter creator: Blagovest Dimitrov (@bdimitrov)

"Candy Raccoon" is an Instagram face mask made by Blagovest Dimitrov. I came across it a few weeks ago and today I've decided to review it and add it to our list of awesome Instagram filters. This IG face mask gives you the look of a raccoon. It wouldn't be that hard to guess from the name of the filter.

One of the cool things about this mask is that it does give you a furry look, face, and ears. There aren't many fury face masks that I came across. Dimitrov also released another fury mask called "Cheesy Mouse" but there you just get a furry nose and ears My problem with this mask is that it's actually flat. By that I mean, that there is no volume to the fur, it's just a texture that gives that effect. I wish it was a 3D fur effect and when we can have the hair shafts being animated a bit like they are moving in the wind (depends on the type of fur of course). At least we have the whiskers. Actually, when you think about it, it supposes to look like a mask and not make you have a complete transformation, so thinking about it the second time, I think I am alright with that design as well.

If you look closely, you can see that the nose part is a bit darker, which gives the sense of depth. This gives the nose, when you look at it from the front, kind of a 3D shape, whether it's actually just flat.

Two women wearing Instagram AR filter of a furry raccoon

It does work well visually, but when you look at it from the front. The ears actually have some protruding hair shafts at the edges (it's a PNG image alpha channel), so it looks more convincing. Another thing that was a bit off is the nose part. It's just an image places in front of the real nose. You can't see it clearly front the front, but when you take a profile snapshot you can see that this is just an image that was placed in front of your real nose to give you that raccoon noise.

So the raccoon mask looks slightly different depends on the angle. From the front, it looks very convincing and unified, from the side, not that so. I recommend taking a front selfie with it for the best effect but as I said, from the side it does look like a physical face mask with a part attached to the nos, so again, nothing against it, it still looks adorable nonetheless.

This Instagram 3D mask maybe doesn't have all the bells and whistles that some other masks have, but it does give you that new cute furry raccoon look. I'm sure there are plenty of people there who enjoy using animal face masks and they will enjoy this one. Again, from a front angle, the effect looks really nice and you can create some really funny and cool snaps with it and share it with your friends.

I liked to overall look, and this fury AR face mask blends well with the faces and gives you that cute part animal part human looking face, but not like the creepy one that you can find on the web when you search this term (I actually did try that and oh boy what I've found).

If you want a complete transformation from human to an animal while keeping only a few human facial elements visible, you can check out this pig Instagram face mask, or if want something more subtle but still cute and furry, you might want to check out this monkey face AR mask by the same creator, Blagovest Dimitrov.

As you can see in the image below, your face structure is maintained, so people can still recognize that it's you, but also you get that cute raccoon look, with cute little ears and nose. I think some people might not like that little beard that grew there on their chin though. 

Cute raccoon AR face mask

I just wish there were more animal face masks, I mean good quality ones. I don't know about performance regarding using real fur in Spark AR Studio and whether there are limitations that prevent creators from creating these type of realistic fur face masks. I am just craving for one and I think it will look and feel great to wear such a mask. I especially look forward to one that when you move your head, the fur also moves. This makes the whole wearable experience more authentic and fun to use.

Overall, I enjoy using this raccoon face mask. Although there are rooms for improvements, it's among the better furry face masks that I come across. I will continue adventuring through Instagram, top hopefully found more. There are still many Spark AR creators that I am not aware of. I actually asked about it on Twitter and Facebook but got very little information so I had to do all the hunting myself.

I hope you like this filter and visit us daily for more awe-inspiring filters—have fun!

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Furry Raccoon Face Mask