Metallic Face Spray — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Apr 1, 2019 | Filter name: "1312"

Filter creator: Johanna Jaskowska (@johwska)

1312 is a filter by Johanna Jaskowska, the same artist who has made the well-regarded filter Beauty3000. When Johanna shared her filter, she wrote: "To be used with very loud rap music".

I like when some filters are delivered with a certain idea, story or message and make good use of what digital art facilities in order to deliver it. We've seen that in tattoos, graffiti and other forms of graphic art where artists use art to deliver different messages, many times in a form that is clear to those who know how to interpret it.

This is one of the beauties of digital art, the fact that it can be used in very unique and creative ways to deliver thoughts emotions, ideas, stories, etc. Ways that weren't available or weren't that accessible before certain technologies were available.

The design itself is eye-catching and can be emotionally provoking, depends on how you interpret it. Judging by the other images for the same post posted by johwska on her Instagram, the metallic grey spray effect was actually used by a real spray drawn on top of a white paper. This was done in order to let the spray leaking down on the paper and created that unique tear-like bleeding effect. It's like actual wearable graffiti that was designed to harmonize with the human face.

A very creative idea that I believe borrowed some motives from street graffiti. The liquidation of the spray was designed in a certain way, which I believe was to fit the narrative or to ignite some emotions and awe, in a creative, and slightly abstract way.

There are two different spray variations which can be swapped by just tapping on the screen. You can even use it with two people in the frame, each one will receive its own mask and with on tap, one of the masks will be replaced with the other version.

1312 filter used on two people in the same time

Both spray effects cover the eyes, so they cannot be seen. The spray effect looks very metallic and it does render beautifully on the face. I have yet to come across an Instagram post where this was used with rap music, as johwska recommended it to be used nor I rap myself. That being said, it was a unique experience that I haven't got from any other filters that I've tried to date.  That's the beauty of art and it comes in different shapes and forms. Augmented Reality definitely inspired many artists to embrace the technology as it can be used, in some aspects, to deliver a message or to tell a story in a very unique and personal form. An art piece that an individual can wear and emphasize with. What a more personal way to do it than allowing users to wear it on their own face.

Brilliant filter by johwska. Followed her to unlock all of her amazing Instagram filters.

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