Tubular Optical illusion Face Mask — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 30, 2019 | Filter name: "Tubular"

Filter creator: Hannah Schilsky (@dr_hanz_)

Today I went out to see some cherry blossoms, so I was off for the morning, now I am back. When I was outside, I was more thrilled about this newly released 'Tubular' Hannah Schilsky's fitter than I was with the cherry blossoms, honest. This filter was introduced in the Spark AR Community Facebook group, and back then I was so overwhelmy excited to try it out.

Hannah actually released two optical illusion face masks, 'Tubular' is the first and the second one is called 'Illusionist; which I will review later on. This one however really blew my mind because of the amazing optical illusion effect. 

I remember reading that Hanna said that she thought it's almost cheating when so many people praised her for her filter. She said that because it was easy to make. When I read those lines, I was actually going: "Are you mad, this is an ingenious filter!". Who said that an impressive filter has to be something complicate and hard to make. This is an actual proof that it's all about unique design and ideas and even if you make something simple, it doesn't matter. I can speak only for myself, and I was blown away by it, I think this is a very intelligent filter. I mean, using simple lines on the face in order to create an illusion that your face has a different shape.

Optical illusion Instagram face mask

This face mask, once you try it, makes your face look really weird and even cute (some would say), like a white owl that turned his head upside down or like an Atlantic puffin viewed from the front. Suddenly you noise look like it's connected with your chin. It looks like you have that bridge or tube (it is called 'Tubular' for a reason) in the middle of your face, and the illusion that there is a hole, a gap below that bridge.  At least when you look at it from the front. The curved perspective lines to create depth cues which are different than the one that you get without it. The lines are black, so those lines override other fine lines that before that, depends on the shape of the face, look more complex with finer lines that made others recognize that face as you,

Because of that string curvature lines, your face looks more unified and also curved differently. The thick lines create a sense of elevation and because those are starting from the forehead through the middle and onto the chin area, this all section looks like a bridge. The lines at the side of the nose are fine lines and cut string in the sides of the nose. When you look at it from the front, it gives the look of something that passes below the noise, thus giving the illusion of an existing gap. Only when Hanna turned her face to the side, you can see that those lines are just cut straight and this break the illusion and you can clearly see that there is no gap in that area.

Even so, having that different effect when looking at the Instagram filter from the side or the front, is one of the cool things about this mask, and what also makes optical illusion in general so fascinating. Depends on the illusion, some are based on the direction you are viewing the visual element (this is some optical illusion based AR puzzle games), on the duration you view it or when blinking when you crossover your eyes, etc.

Two women using Tubular Instagram AR face mask

There are many optical illusion effects that are based on the same principal and they are designs only with black and white lines and shapes. Still, they are impressive, fun and engaging—same this here with this 'Tubulus' Instagram face filter.

If I was Hanna, I would focus on making more types of this optical illusion AR masks, especially considering that they are easy to make according to her.

Hanna added some touch of colors which I believe is to make the mask less anemic and shine to give it more depth.

The mask itself doesn't blend well at the edges, especially in the hairline. This is something that I hope will be introduced later on, the ability to have hair occlusion. This mask brings something else to the table. Something that I personally haven't seen before and it was fun 'experimenting' with it. I like the new look that it gave me, although kind of creepy, I looked like a cute alien lifeform, and it was hard for me to recognize myself in the AR mirror. It looks like it's a different meshing of your face, but it's actually flat lines on the 3D mask, which is basically your very own 3D facial structure.

Overall, fantastic work, I enjoyed it a lot and I can't wait to try out the second one.

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