Galactic Cat AR 3D Makeup — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 29, 2019 | Filter name: "GalactiCat"

Filter creator: David Pripas (@davidpripas)

Browsing through the amazingly creative IG effects and filters that Spark AR creators are making, I came across one that caught my attention—it's called GalactiCat.

Well, this is what the name suggests, kind of. It's a 3D makeup, face drawing of what is described by its creator as a "Galactic Cat". It's a colorful animated face makeup where you can easily recognize some motives related to this name. including drawings of a cat's face, which include the ears, whiskers and even a drawing of a tongue slipping out of your mouth.

The other part is a drawing that resembles a picture of space, with stars, dark skies and even a little alien with teeth on the left and right side if I am not mistaken—I'm sure also that I've seen a tail.

This mask has two views that continuously rotate one after the other in an around a second interval. The second one is being an inverted color view of the first one.  It turns out to look really nice because the overall semi-transparent white area turns black and gives the mask another unique look that also looks pretty as well.

Here is an example of the 'GalactiCat' AR makeup. It's the first variation of the mask, without the inverted colors.

Two women with AR 3D makeup using an Instagram filter

Tribal Makeup - A Future AR Makeup Trend?

This 3D makeup (it does look more like makeup than a mask) reminds me of those Zulu or Aztec colorful tribal makeup and masks. I am not an expert in that field, but I recommend to look at those vector trial mask images at to really get inspired about the cool 3D makeup or masks that you can create using Spark AR for Instagram or Facebook (or any other platform in that matter).

Here is an image that I came across, a beautiful tribal makeup picture.

Tribal face and body makeup

This image above is a real photo, not an Instagram filter. So why I am mentioning all this. Well, when AR glasses will be popular and people will be able to use virtual makeup for others to see, I think this tribal face and body makeup will become trendy again. I already see this getting more popular on Instagram because of these AR filters. You can't the beauty of it, the unique style that makes it really exciting to look at.  I found it just fascinating and this is one of the reasons that once I came across this AR makeup filter, I just stopped and decided to spend more time with it.

I also google the term "Tribal makeup" to learn a bit more about it and see more photos of it. It is being used in the fashion industry as well. I came across this 'African Tribal Makeup' page on Pinterest and it's amazing the amount of variety and stunning artistic makeup artworks that exist.

I am bringing this up because Spark AR creators can get inspire by the amazing artistic body and face makeup images that are published there. Trust me, you'll be blown away by the number of creative makeup design variations. For example, imagine an Instagram 3D makeup using this type of art. I recommend scrolling down to see more variations of the same idea. Imagine this type of art as an Instagram filter—it will blow people's mind. But again, the variety is huge and you can just use it to get inspired and come up with your own original work inspired by those amazing photos.

It's so enchanting, that I think this will become a popular AR makeup trend in the future!

Back to our Galactic Cat Makeup

I did all that trip because I wanted Spark AR creators to get inspired and I think that this type of tribal makeup is something that is fascinating artistically.

I also wanted you to see what runs through my head when I came across this Galactic Cat makeup and why I stopped, what triggered me to spend more time with this AR 3D makeup and not continue to browse other filters. I also want to share resources that can get creators inspired, so I and everyone else can enjoy using amazing looking filters.

GalactiCat Instagram 3D makeup

In the top image, you can see the two AR makeup variations side by side, the first one and the inverted color one on the right.

The other reason that I really liked this makeup, it's because the animation and the rotation signify, in a simplistic way (effect wise) the transformation from a materialize fashion and art era in general, to one that utilizes advanced AR technologies. I am not just talking about digital transformation, because that happens a long time ago, but incorporating Augmented Reality, advanced Machine Learning technologies, and soon AR glasses to allow us to be perceived differently by those who observe us. Not just through a screen, but face-to-face. The next time we put our makeup or choose the material, texture, and color that we are going to use with our clothing, it may be in front of a Mixed Reality browser than opening the drawer to take up the regular makeup.

Two women wearing augmented reality makeup

This particular Instagram filter did ignite some ideas, thoughts, and excitement about things to come. It's funny, because a simple as it was, it was more impactful in that aspect, compared to other more complex and interactive filters that I've tried to date. I did try many amazing AR makeup filters that I do recommend checking out, including this stunning night sky IG makeup, creepy clown makeup by Marc Wakefield, this scary demon Instagram face makeup, this asymmetric space face makeup by Tristan, this butterfly 3D makeup by Lianne tokey, and many more.

For me, using this filter was a great experience. In some ways, it did portray a connection between the past and the future—in a beautiful, personal and artistic way.

That being said, it is, by its own right, a colorful and beautiful makeup filter. I like it a lot and this why 'GalactiCat' joins our list of amazing Instagram filters.

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Galactic Cat AR 3D Makeup