Double Exposure Effect — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 29, 2019 | Filter name: "Double Exposure"

Filter creator: Nelson Rebolo (@nelzster01)

Today I had some Internet issues and finally, I was able to get back to review more amazing Instagram filters. The filter that I review today is called "Double Exposure", It's from the same 3D artist that created the amazing Egyptian Instagram Mask and the piercing Instagram face mask. Both were amazing, so today, another filter by the same amazing 3D artist, Nelson Rebolo.

A bit about 'Double Exposure' Effect

'Double Exposure' is a well-known technique in photography and cinematography and it can be achieved with photo editing software as well, like Adobe Photoshop CC for example.

If you have Multiple Exposure modes in your camera, you can easily achieve that effect. With film, you had to exposure the film twice, but you have to be careful not to overexpose or you ruin the image. The results, no matter which technique you use, are two images blended into a single image. The subsequent image or images superimposed over the original image.

By using this technique, artists can produce artistic visual effects with subjects appearing blending in with another scene in which they weren't originally there or great ghostly effect where a subject appears blended in with the first background image. In the digital edge, this is very easy to achieve and many people have more control over the results using photo editing software. You can use two or more images, layer them one on top of the other and use the 'Multiply' mode to create a similar effect.

Artistic Instagram Effect

What liked about this 'Double Exposure' effect is the creative compositions you can create with it. Now that you have this as an Instagram effect on your mobile phone, you can produce some exquisitely artistic selfies.

Another reason I liked it as an Instagram filter, is because you also have the option to apply some coloring filters, those default ones that Instagram use after you capture a snapshot. Applying those filters can further enhance the image and can produce some really beautiful looking artistic selfies.

Of course, you can further edit the image in other photo editing app, but it's very simple and fast to apply some simple color filters in Instagram when you use this filter and come up with spectacular results.

Here is an image for a demonstration. There are three snapshots there, the most right one doesn't have any Instagram coloring filter applied, the other two on the left do. I didn't add anything extra, just use some coloring filters that are available by default when you swipe on the screen.

Double exposure Instagram filter

I used a coloring filter on the one with the sunset background because it just looks better that way in my opinion, it made the color interesting and help to blend the face well with the background.

Just so you know, the selfie will appear in black and white on top of a colored background image. All of these background images have that top part of the image relatively clear. By this, I mean a background of the sky where the face of the user can beautifully blend in and without some other parts of the first exposure overlapping and creating a less desirable double exposure effect.  You can play with the distance of the camera from your face to make more clear background surround your face.

The filter is designed so areas around the user's body appear white. This way and the background will reside only in the inner part of the body. In some compositions it looks like I am wearing an AR T-Shirt, it looks really cool.

When I try different Instagram filters, sometimes I am more encouraged to create a video with the filter, but in this one, I actually really enjoyed taking my time to compose and try to get a great looking still image.

This double exposure IG effect felt like a filter in photoshop, one that I enjoy using and experimenting with. Trying to apply it to images and see how I can come up with some interesting portrait compositions.

Here are a few other compositions that I made.

Three double exposure selfie compositions

The choice of the background images was very smart because I was able to create those mysterious, relaxing and elevating images using this double exposure effect thanks to this filter. Even one time it was a bit glitchy when I used the rear camera and it shows two backgrounds (see the leftmost image) but it turned out to look really nice.

Double Exposure IG effect was a truly unique experience that makes use of the unique face/body detection and when combined with some of the other built-in filters (not required of course), users like myself, can experiment with it and produce some really cool results, whether for still or in videos. I did like adding the coloring filter effect in Instagram and apply it on the photos because it created a more unified look and gave the B&W selfie better tone that matches the overall atmosphere that the original atmospheric image applied to it.

Overall, a fantastic Instagram filter, one that I spend quite some time on and enjoyed every single moment of it. I highly recommend trying this filter out. Thanks for reading.

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