Creepy Dark Eyes Marble Face — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 28, 2019 | Filter name: "Ayemou"

Filter creator: Chris Biandonga (@boulevarddescapucines)

This Instagram face mask called "Ayemou" was brought to my attention after I browse through the posts on Spark AR community Facebook group. Then I came across this cool IG filter and I knew I had to check it out.

In fact, this is Chris first filter and he asked us to give him our feedback. Well, I tried it myself and I really liked it, so I've decided that it deserves to join WOW! filters, has it got the WOW-factor in my opinion.

First of all, what is this Instagram mask all about. Well, it doesn't have any bells and whistles which you can find on other IG filters, like interactions, mind-blowing effects, distortions, floating visual elements or crazy colors. It's actually very simplistic, but the beauty lies within its simplicity and fine details.

Two Creepy black eye Instagram face mask images

"Ayemou" is a mask that turns you into a creepy looking "Gozer" (from Ghostbusters movie) ghostly look. Gives you that, what's for me looks like a marble face mask with creepy dark eyes, dark upper-lip makeup and with the tip of your nose also smudges in some black color. I could still see a slight shine from the white areas of my eyes passing through, which doesn't make the eyes completely opaque black.

The reason why I said that this Instagram face mask looks like marble, is because of the reflection, fine polish and the fine dot texture that makes it appear kind of ceramic material. Even my eyebrows look like they were painted because of this unique marble fine dot texture.

In fact, this is the first thing that made me want to try it, because of the nice ceramic-like look. It was different than other masks that look like they were made using a different material. The facial expressions can still be clearly seen. Some Spark AR creators put a static mask were the facial expressions might not pass through entirely or even completely, but again, it depends on what the creator tried to achieve with his or her filter.

The mask blended well with the face, although when trying this app, I really wanted to see how my face would have looked like if the whole face was made of this marble texture. This includes the ears, entire head and neck as well. I've seen this type of filling effect done in the Smoldering Demon AR face mask, and I wonder if this is something that could have worked for this filter as well. 

That being said, I do like it as a mask but imagine if there was an option to use it as a mask, and then with one tap, that mask gradually consumes your entire upper body area, maybe with some cracking sound like a demon has possessed you. Similar to that demon mask that I liked earlier but maybe with tiles effect building up on the face, going from slightly further away from your face too when they are snapped into place on your face. Just try to imagine it, it can look awesome. Maybe for another filter, having a "build up" process of the tiles covering the face a person, this effect can be brilliant for Instagram face masks!

I liked trying out Instagram filters that inspire me and give me more cool ideas. Of course, I mention all this in my reviews, because hopefully, the creator of this filter or other Spark AR creators will pick this up and make it a reality. I actually have some amazing ideas, and I will share them gradually in related to some of the filters that I am reviewing on WOW filters website.

Now back to the design. As I mentioned earlier, the beauty of this mask lies in its simplicity. Just that single black upper-lip makeup smudge and the one in the tip of the nose made a big difference. The upper-lip makeup produces a slight deformation of the upper lip and makes your look appear more ambiguous, interesting, and ghostly in a way. It creates, alongside the dark eyes and the textured face, a differentiation between you having a standard looking face decorated with some virtual elements, and having a divergent and anomalous persona that inherited your facial characteristic

Scary ghost face Instagram face mask

It is creepy looking and produces an abnormal look. The reason I said that is because it did trigger some slight distress emotions when I look at it. Of course, these are feeling that I felt while experiencing it. It reminds me of some nightmarish scenes from some horror movies I've seen before.

The fact that there is no straight eye contact due to the black eyes gives you the feeling that this "thing" is looking and feeling you, but you have no way to asses its feelings. If Eyes Are Windows to the Soul, maybe this figure has no soul. We use the eyes to understand the emotional state of the person in front of us, in this case, it was blocked from me. However, remember when I mentioned the sparkling light in the black eyes. Well, it's a small detail, but because the eyes weren't totally opaque but inherit the overall reflection of the mask, I got that feeling that this face represents a transformed human being, compared to having that feeling of an alien non-human entity. It's small details that make an effect on the emotions that a certain piece of art provokes and it's very personal of course. The only thing I do is narrate it.

If you are looking for a creepy, scary looking Instagram face mask, there are plenty of them. I liked this scary demon face makeup by Stefan Nits, this creepy clown makeup mask by Marc Wakefield, and others. Having said that, this mask had its own unique look and feel, it made me enjoy observing it more as it was more mysterious compared to other ones that I tried.

Considering this is Chris Biandonga's first Instagram filter, this is quite impressive and made me look forward fo his future filters. Overall, I enjoyed using this mask and defeintelly recommend following Chris and trying out his first mask. Just so you know, by the time you read this review, Chris might have released more masks on Instagram. Have a great day, thanks for reading.

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Creepy Dark Eyes Marble Face