Egyptian face mask and crown — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 26, 2019 | Filter name: "Egyptian Mask"

Filter creator: Nelson Rebolo (@nelzster01)

Today I tried one of the most impressive AR masks I had a chance to experience to date. It's two AR masks that feature both an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh mask and a Cleopatra-style golden snake crown. You can change the type by just tapping on the screen.

Now, where should I start, because my heart is still pumping strong after trying out this filter. First of all, let's talk about the first mask, the Pharaoh mask that resembles the real Tutankhamun Egyptian face mask.

This Facebook AR mask is large, starting from your chest and cover the entire face area and extend beyond that. Because the way it is designed, covering more than the parts that the users will actually see in pictures in videos—you get to become that character almost fully (apart from the mid and lower body). Usually, for selfies, this is well then enough, but I'm sure that many Spark AR creators are looking to make some full-body filters as well.

Egyptian facebook AR face mask

That Pharaoh 3D face mask looks like a real mask but it is imbued with life because it allows your facial expressions to fully shine through. One of the great things about this mask is how seamless the face makeup and the mask itself blend together. It's not perfect, especially around the connecting forehead area and the sides of the face, but it's done better than many other AR face masks that I've seen. I think the main reason for it is the rough golden texture that makes that transition less visible. Although I still want to know if a gradual masked transition is possible because it will make that transition between the face and the extended 3D models around the face area smoother.

The golden makeup is brilliantly made, with a beautiful shimmer that also covers your lips, making them look golden. The eye makeup also looks great with the familiar eyebrow drawing strokes like the original Pharaoh masks. However, in this case, this is very useful to enhance the facial expression in the upper part of the face around the eyes (see the image below). I've seen it work beautifully in the Cosmetology face mask, The PopArt AR mask, Creepy Clown makeup filter, Saint Patrick's Day mask, and others. Of course, you can leave the regular eyebrows if that part is clearly visible in the mask, but if it's not, it's a good practice, when applicable, to highlight those areas around the eyes so the eyes facial expressions can be viewed easily.

Egyptian AR eye makeup

There is also some bonfire like sparks for added atmosphere.

By the way, the Pharoah mask comes without a bead necklace and beard.

Regarding facial expressions, as I mentioned, those can easily be portrayed through the mask as the mask itself is more like a 3D makeup, a texture that covers that face and therefore every muscle movement in the face area is visible. Your own mouth area, including the teeth and except the original lip's color, can be seen in the mask.

The white color of the sclera and the iris can easily be seen, they are not digitally modified or transformed. Furthermore, because the entire face is made of golden color, that area of the eyes is very visible and prominent. It reminds me of those intense moments in action or adventure films where eyes from masks are moving. I don't remember currently which movies I've seen this at, but it definitely had an impact on me because I still remember those scenes to this date.

The main reason I did it today is that I was fascinated by this incredibly looking Egyptian AR face mask and I wanted to review it and share it with you all. It's a creator 'Pixel Chefs' deserves respect for this work. I discovered it by a post on Spark AR community post made by Nelson Rebolo, who work at Pixel Chefs and he made this filter from my understanding and also shared the process of making it with the community.

That Facebook filter itself doesn't have any interaction, but still, in terms of the 3D artistic design, the face mask implementation,  and the AR mask wearable, Face Puppeteering fluency and overall AR experience was peculiar and inspiring. Although as I mentioned, there are ways to improve it, I believe that this is due to technical limitations, not because the developer wasn't able to achieve that. It's one of the most impressive and seamless makeup/mask that I've seen to date.

I talked about the first Pharoah mask but what about the second one, the Egyptian princess look, and the crown.

Well, this one was less impressive than the first one, and without hear and ears occlusion, it sometimes results in a less authentic look and feels Still, it is beautifully designed and looked great with the complimentary Egyptian-style makeup. That being said, the developer made the crown bend inwards and it's not a full circle, so it appears that it is covered by the hair and even if you have a shaved hair, it will still look quite natural.

Well, a lot has been said about this Facebook AR face mask. I just wanted to share my excitement about it and hopefully, it will inspire other Spark AR creators to create more amazing Facebook/Instagram face masks similar to this.

Honest, when Nelson said that he hopes that "You guys", he meant Spark AR creators, will find something useful through it, it felt like this is a partially done work, but for me, it was one of the most impressive face masks that I've seen to date. Of course in my long journey, I'm sure I'll find many other amazing AR masks that I yet to discover. Still, it doesn't take away from this great artistic digital creation and from what I've read, it's not just me that is super excited about this Facebook camera effect, many others found it amazing as well.

Well, this is is for my review of this amazing Egyptian Facebook filter by The Pixel Chefs. I hope you enjoy reading this review. If you did, please don't forget to share it and of course, follow the developers and continue following their amazing work. Thanks for reading, see you on the next review soon.

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