Illustrated animated mouth — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 24, 2019 | Filter name: "Gossip Effect"

Filter creator: Kym Fiala (@kym_fiala)

This one isn't a face mask, but it' a cool-looking Instagram filter called "Gossip Effect", created by Kym Fiala, inspired by GOLDIE by Gerrel Saunders (@gaksdesigns), a virtual artist.

Basically, "Gossip Effect" is a talking mouth effect where the user speaks, and the drawn virtual mouth moves accordingly. There are three different mouths: red lips on a white background, dark lips with golden mouth grills on a dark gray background and one candy lips on a blue background,

Gossip Lips Instagram filter images

The cool thing is that the movement of the lips is very accurate, so the experience is very well connected and thus feels good. This effect obviously emphasizes on what the user is going to say in the video, because just as a picture, by itself, I didn't find it exciting.

Same as with face masks, and it's similar because you just don't see yourself only the lips—when you move closer to the camera, the lips will get larger and when you move your head, the lips will reposition accordingly. If you move your head entirely from the camera view, you won't see the mouth in the frame.

This good degree of control allows you to create some cool anonymous talking videos or not anonymous if you post this on your Instagram and people already know who you are, dough.

You can, of course, combine it with some music or just record yourself singing and share this Instagram filter clip online. Same as demonstrated in the embedded video in this review and which was done using Kum Fiala himself.

I found the gold grill mouth to be the best-looking one, visually speaking, I like the contrast of the golden teeth with the gray background, Of course, you can choose whatever fits your talking/singing/or whatever you are going to get out of your mouth.

It can actually be a good default animation for people who want to share their singing talent and don't yet want to be exposed.

This was a unique Instagram filter that I came across and it was made well and therefore I've decided to share it with you. Kym Fiala AR creator has more filters, and of course, I followed him and intend to try out his other filters.

BTW: You can't make a sad face with this filter nor a tongue will come out from it.

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