Angel Wings — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 22, 2019 | Filter name: "AngelWings"

Filter creator: Junji Suzuki (@bma_japan)

Today I tried out "AngelWings" by bma_japan. This Instagram filter was developed by an AR camera creator called Juji Suzuki. I remember trying his pig face filter and it was hilarious using it.

I think that Juji enjoys playing around things related to modifying the human body. This filter "AngelWings" is no exception. However, it's not a face mask like the "AnimalHead-Pig" filter, but just a set of animated angel wings that are cemented at your back.

This filter actually reminded me of the scene in the movie X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) where Angel, a mutant, lashes out and open his huge wings then fly out through the glass window.

This filter might not let you feel like a superhero, but it does give you that feeling how it would be like having a pair of wings on your back. The wings themselves are quite small. I think this was done in order to allow users to enjoy the effect when using the front camera. Having said that, you still don't get to see the entire width of the wings, not on my OnePlys 6 phone at least (with other wider lenses you might). This is why I think this would be preferred to ask someone to take a photo of you or you take a photo of someone using the rear-facing camera of your iPhone or Android phone.

I also think that this filter is a better fit for a horizontal photo or video orientation, not vertical.  I would also like to see much better wings, something that will resemble an angel look. I mean, having some really big impressive wings can turn out to be a stunning picturesque image.

When I use this filter, I felt like a junior angel that just start seeing his wings. Still, the effect looks really nice, because the wings are partially occluded behind your body and create a nice illusion. The effect is jittery at the edges of the body, but nothing that ruins the effect, it still looks impressive.

For a moment, I tried to do a pinch-to-zoom touch gesture on the screen, hopefully, that it will make my wings larger, but that just made a digital zoom using the Instagram camera app—LOL, I tried.

I tried it on different photos and it worked well. I did spot a problem where it looks like the wings aren't aligned straight, kind of leaning to the right (my left side) more than it should and appear diagonally rather than horizontally straight.

There aren't any other tap-interactions, just those back angel wings flapping up and down. 

I did enjoy the experiences. I mean, after all, what other augmented reality apps out there that allowed me to have my own pair of angel wings? I have reviewed hundreds of apps, and of course, maybe the only way you have these type of augmented reality experiences is on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram camera effects and filters.

Angel Wings is a good Instagram filter, but I do think there are ways to improve the experience, maybe having control of the wings in some interaction, maybe the wings down and make them open up like in that amazing X-Men scene, controlling the size, etc. Still, worth trying out and worth a place on WOW! filters Instagram filter list—have fun!

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