Abstract selfie picture — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 22, 2019 | Filter name: "ABSTRACT"

Filter creator: Blagovest Dimitrov (@bdimitrov)

Today I browsed Instagram to search for some abstract Instagram filters. I really liked some that I tried lately, like Bold Love abstract filter by Lianne Tokey,  the animated vibrant abstract "ART 3" by Blagovest Dimitrov and the abstract ghost face camera effect "IOR Ghostface" by Rober Seidel.

I was searching for something unique and interesting, something that more resembles "Bold Love" abstract Instagram filter because I liked it a lot. I wanted a filter that makes the user a key component in part of the overall design.

I then camera across this AR filter by @bdimitrov called, well, simply "ABSTRACT". It indeed reminded me of Lianne's one but it was different. Here, same as in Mike Manh's cyberspace distorted face mask, the background is plain white in order to help make the fine details and the unique shapes pop instead of being distracted by other objects and background in the real world environment. 

Those type of effects are kind like single museum exhibits, presented cleanly on a background that the artist thought it would best fit the artwork and deliver the proper experience that he or she wanted users to experience. It does lose the unique augmented mixed-reality effect, but it still delivers an interesting contemporary art piece.

This "Abstract" IG filter does override the original real-world background by coloring it in black with only the user in it. In fact, I tried to double-tap and use the rear-facing camera, and I've got a pink screen, so obviously, this is designed to be used when you have a fae in front of the camera. You can still use the rear camera to take a snapshot or record a video of someone else in the frame, this will work as well.

Now to the abstract design. It simple, yet I like this design a lot. First of all, there are different abstract shapes floating, moving and rotating. All are in 2D, but there is that halftone plane that rotates in the 3D space. Furthermore, when you move your head, the entire set of shapes move in the 3D space as well. This gives the user a sense of being part of the exhibited work, and dynamically effect its look by just moving the head or body.

There is a nice gradient filter applied to the face, an orange/red one that contrasts the black area nicely and injects some vividness to this abstract scene. Something smooth that also contrast the sharp edges of the shapes themselves also injects some sense of depth to it, alongside the 3D shape of the user's face.

There are no interactions that I found, tapping does nothing in this filter. Having the option to change the design or colors and see different variations when you tap on the screen would be a nice addition to the filter.

I was actually thinking about making a profile icon for myself for one of my social channels using this filter because I liked the results. This filter did bring something new to the table and I like seeing different types of techniques being used to produce unique effects. Not everything does click, but this one did and this is why I wanted to review it and share my experience with it.

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