Cyberspace Face Distortion Effect — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 22, 2019 | Filter name: "Electroclash"

Filter creator: Mike Manh (@mikemanhworks)

Wow! Filters got really WOWed today after I tried on this insane cyberspace-style face effect by Mike Manh. all I have to say it "WOW!" I love it so much. Well, it's not all I have to say, but I was speechless.

This Instagram face-effect called "Electroclash" is one of the most dazzling face effects I came across on Instagram.  If it was just a mesh face effect, even with that beautiful gradient colors on the mesh lines, I wouldn't be excited compared to what I was about to witness.

So the really cool thing about this Instagram mask is that the close or further you are away from the camera, it distorts and fades the face accordingly. Mike mentioned that it makes you look like you are emerging from cyberspace. Indeed, what it looks like.

Electroclash Instagram face filter

Mike made a fantastic video using this filter demonstrating how cool it is by adding music (inspired by music track "Emerge" by @fischerspooner) and singing along with it as he used that filter. You can see that video on this page.

In fact, it was the first Filter I actually used on my AR Critic Instagram profile, because I found it just out of this world. I mean, this was just a fantastic short little music video right there, so electrifying!

You know me, I love Instagram face effects that just make you go WOW, and this Instagram filter, which is, by the way, Mike's first Instagram filter, just blew me away. I mean, the first filter and you do something amazing like that—Insta-Follow and share.

If you tap on the screen, you can actually see the effect without the default white background. No doubt that this effect really shines on that white background. It also allows people who like or want to use filters that make them unrecognized—"Anonymous" style mask if you get my drift.

The effect transition from standard one that reflects your real face curvature and the distorted one is brilliantly done. I mean, you can distort that face in so many ways, but this foundation was edgy, electrifying and kind of perfect for rhythmic music-based videos. The distorted lines move diagonally and if you move our face forward and backward, it turns into like a DJ scratching effect, but instead of something auditory, it is presented visually. It resembles beat rhythm lines, an EKG that has gone completely out of control - LOL!

The visual effect from something rounded to something edgy and sharp that breaks the uniformity in a chaotic visual display—I got ecstatic!

I've seen many types of digital media designs that use the meshing effect, but nothing so extraordinary and appealing like this one.

Well, I tried to transmit my experience with it and I want more Instagram users to be aware of this fantastic piece of digital art made by the Talented Make Manh.  I've also visited his website. I've read that he is a computer scientist, creative technologists, generative artists, and armchair biologist—that's how he describes himself. He made some other really great artworks, not necessarily related to Instagram, but Instagram filters are part of what he does (source:

I just seem to be able to finish my review because I am so pumped after using this filter. Alright, breath...breath.

This is it, don't forget to follow Mike Manh on his Instagram profile to unlock all of his current and future Instagram filters—have fun (I'm sure you will).

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