Bold Love Picturesque Abstract — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 22, 2019 | Filter name: "Bold As Love"

Filter creator: Lianne tokey (@liannetokey)

A few days ago I came across a lovely filter called "Bold As Love" published by Lianne Tokey on Spark AR Community page on Facebook. I really liked it, as I do for many other of her artworks. I love her makeup filters the most, like the butterfly AR makeup, rainbow eyes AR makeup, and the eye candy Rainha Azul eye AR makeup.

Now "Bold As Love" is something different. This is the IG camera effect that Lianna sent to the Spark AR Challenge. Of course, many other creators do the same.

According to what she has written on the Spark AR community page, she wanted to create something that revolves around the user, where the user is the focal point in the design. This is the opposite of having the design as part of the user's face.

The user appears in greyscale, this helps blend the design well with the picturesque background. There is this static background image, animated abstract background element, animated letter text ("Love") and a stroke line that surrounds the user with some black dots on the side of the head.

Users can change the border color by just tapping on the screen. So bold colors, love related text (e.g. XOXO, Love) to well fit the original name of this filter "Bold As Love".

This camera effect reminds me also of another Instagram filter that I've tried yesterday. It is called "ART 3" by Blagovest Dimitrov. This one is different because of all of the color background elements are animated. I liked that animated background and it looks really cool for videos. However, Lianna's is better for also taking selfie pictures because the background is static and you don't need to time the press of the shutter to get it right. However, it does produce more unique color shape variations, which something that I enjoyed. Kind of more customized options to play with, what I thought was missing on this Lianne's filter to some degree.

I liked the choice of colors, it actually made me take a snapshot and create a nice wallpaper for my Android phone/ The overall design is happy, lively and invigorating.

If I had to choose a filter that best fit to become an artistic portrait poster of myself—I would choose this Instagram custom filter by Lianne.

I personally would have wanted to see some more general color palette changes, instead of just that contoured single-color line that borders the user. Just more variations, but overall, I really like this work and I definitely recommend everyone to try it out. If you are searching for a new selfie wallpaper for your phone, I do recommend checking this filter out, it's now the wallpaper on mine.

TIP: if you don't want to have a wallpaper with yourself in the middle, you can just snapshot an image without you in the frame, the background design will still be there.

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Bold Love Picturesque Abstract