Gold glitter makeup — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 21, 2019 | Filter name: "Blast"

Filter creator: Johanna Jaskowska (@johwska)

Today I went through many other popular Instagram filters that I wanted to review. I was interested in using ones that resemble something that looks like makeup with a special touch. I really like those filters by Jade Roche (@ramenpolanski) like this rainbow shimmer complexion filter and of course Beauty3000 by Johanna Jaskowska (@johwska).

On Johanna Jaskowska I came across another eye-catching 3D makeup called "Blast". Blast is exactly the way I would describe my experience, it was a blast using it.

This filter looks like a gold glitter shimmer makeup. It is so intense, that it looks like you bought a glitter shimmer aerosol spray for DIY projects and just decided to spray your face with it. I mean, people use those to give shine to picture frames furniture, etc.

I like when Johanna uses prominent effects. If you already are doing something, make it pop. That's what she did with her Beauty3000 and her other filters, but of course, it doesn't mean that every filter should be like that, some things render beautifully when they are subtle (e.g. Head in the clouds) so they blend easily with the face and designed to compliment it, not to shape it.

There are also light animations that make the face shine without you need to rotate your head. This way, the light is used to draw depth cues that emphasize the shape of your face. It works even when you view it in a bright room or outdoors in daylight. Because the effect is so prominent, there is no need to reduce the video stream brightness just to make this effect pop. Something that is done for some filters, like this futuristic neon-lighted mask filter called Robotica X by Michael Nicoll.

This AR mask beautifully covers the entire area of your face. It also semi-transparent, thus allowing the glitter to blend with your skin and appear like a natural yellow gold glitter makeup.

The effect is sparkingly beautiful and visually captivating. It's strong, but not over-done. Tapping on the screen will increase the speed of the light effect animation, from very slow to very fast. I mentioned this before that I would like to have control over the speed of the effects in some of the masks rather looking always like a disco party (e.g. this rainbow shimmery complexion filter).

When the light shines and moves slowly on the face, it feels like it strokes your face slightly, complimenting the curvature of the face and serving as a vibrant beautifying effect. It also lessens imperfections, which I have, so I felt great looking at my more beautiful self, and it actually made me look younger—Yeh, no wrinkles!

Every filter that I try is a mini AR experience. In fact, this is one of the reasons I wanted to jump into this AR filter realm and discover what it has to offer. I have been reviewing augmented reality apps for a long time now. Reviewing AR filters gave me the opportunity to try out many of those experiences in the same day, every day.

There is also the artistic aspect that excites me as well. I enjoy being creative (can live without it) and enjoy seeing other people's creation. Every day I spend time reading about how AR contributes to digital art and serves as a unique medium through artists can express themselves with,

The face is our canvas in which so many amazing creations are being made right now.  This "Blast" filter is definitely of no exception and it shines with brilliance, fueled by a strong passion for creativity.

It definitely joins to my top most favorite Instagram filters. Although I review filters, I don't rank them. This is art, and people are free to express themselves any way they please, and that freedom of expression and creativity is something that I enjoy watching. I never ranked the flowers I watch while walking in nature, I just enjoy observing them. I do want to share the things that I found fascinating and understanding the design concepts and artistic choices. I then share it, so more people can be inspired by them and know about them.

It's a blast swimming in this ocean of human creativity and one that keeps sprouting new creative ideas built using technology innovations.

I have a blast using "Blast" Instagram filter and I highly recommend everyone to try it out if you haven't tried it already. Don't forget to follow Johanna Jaskowske to have access to all of her filters—enjoy.

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