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Published on Mar 21, 2019 | Filter name: "Head in the Clouds"

Filter creator: Tristan (

When I came across "Head in the Clouds" makeup AR filter by Tristan, I was blown away. Yes, it's only makeup, not crazy tricks in this IG filter, but oh boy it's so beautiful and fits the face area beautifully because the way the image is placed.

I tried many AR makeup filters before like the amazing demon face makeup filter by Stefan Nitz, the colorful asymmetric space face makeup by Tristan (the same creator who made this filter I am reviewing now), the gorgeous butterfly effect makeup by Lianne Tokey, the full-face creepy clown makeup mask by Marc Wakefield, and many others.

Spark AR creators really go nuts for AR makeup and they deliver really impressive filters.  Some even take it to the new level, as Johanna Jaskowska did with heir Beauty3000 filter.  Still, having a matte finish, non-animated augmented reality makeup can look great as well.

So what makes this "Head in the Clouds" makeup work so well?

Well, first of all, it doesn't employ a beautifying filter, so one me, it didn't work quite well because of my face stubbles (I guess).  It just looks better on a clean smooth face, at least that's how I preferred it.

The makeup base is done using beautiful gradient colors, starting from light orange, then pink, purple and then purple-bluish at the top, slightly below the areas of the eyes and up to the forehead area.

Those subtle colors blend in with the facial complexion, and because is partially transparent, it blends uniformly with the face and appears like a light makeup makeover than a mask.

The top part looks like the night sky, thus the purplish color and the lower part looks like a sunset to me, kind of beautiful sunset red-ish colors. I love both the colors of the night when the moon is bright and sunset colors, and both are presented beautifully here in this augmented reality (AR) makeup.

There are also shining stars, a bright moon exactly at the center between the eyebrows and beautifully designed slightly masked (transition from zero opacity to opaque) that are wrapping your face below your eyes from ear to ear. I think that clouds are the visual elements that make this mask so special. It segments your face in an elegant way.

For me, the clouds elements remind me of traditional Indian women's veil that I've seen in some pictures online. I like it because it put emphasis on the areas of the eyes, kind of lift them and make them more prominent.

Indian woman wearing a veil

Another thing is that the moon itself is positioned in the area, which seems to be inspired by Hindu red dot, a Bindi. A colored dot wore on the center of the forehead, originally by Hindus and Jains.

It's kind of an atmospheric AR makeup, that's how I would call it. It carries a feeling of calmness, the purity, and great feeling that we have at night when we are outside in the open air, listening to the sounds of the night while watching the sky and seeing the bright moon shines through the clouds.

This is what this Instagram filter made me feel and this is why I was so excited about using it and see other people using it and sharing their images of them using it on Instagram.

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