Vibrant animated abstract background — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 21, 2019 | Filter name: "ART 3"

Filter creator: Blagovest Dimitrov (@bdimitrov)

Today I came across this energetic Instagram AR filter created by Blagovest Dimitrov. It shows a vibrant and colorful abstract background animation behind the user. The user body edges have a white line stroke and the user appears in black and white. This contrasts the vibrancy of the background, making it stand out.

The thing is that people wear different clothes in different colors, and sometimes those colors can disrupt the overall artistic look of the filter, something that the artist wanted to convey. This way, it doesn't matter what are the colors of the clothing that you have, the unique look of this visual effect is maintained.

I really enjoy using those types of IG effects that are very lively, energetic and vivid.  For example, I tried the Psycho IG effect by Jade Roche, same goes to Rainbow Fiesta IG filter by the same creator. Of course, the vivid and stunning Odyssey AR mask by Johanna Jaskowska, the multicolored abstract light effect filter by Tokyy and many others. Colors play a great role in delivering unique experiences and triggering different emotions. Seeing something vivid in front of you, and I can speak for myself, make me feel refreshed, invigorated, happy. This is why I find myself enjoying those colorful filters so much because of the positive effect and of course because they also just look absolutely gorgeous.

I also liked the use of single colors instead of gradients. It's kind like a multicolored geometric modern art style. The colors don't overlap with any shadow, so the presentation appears in comic-style 2D and not three-dimensional.

In some ways, I wanted to also have an abstract halftone background, kind of a comic pop art vector one that looks one from the comic books. Halftone background has various tones but has those sized dots of ink that gives the abstract background its unique comics-style look.

You have the option to tap on the screen to change the colors of the effect, and it does give different looks and feel to the scene and it might fits to different types of AR videos you want to make and the feeling you want to provoke.

There is also some subtle colorful face reflections as a final touch to make the selfie more interesting other than just plain grayish, so those color touches help to blend the body and face better with the background. But again, not in a disruptive way.

If you look at the animation, there is also that grungy retro-style color breakout animation that breaks the straight lines. It's like mottled colors, smears of colors sprouting in the background.

all this blends beautifully together to create a very visually pleasing experience that people will enjoy sharing on social networks in pictures and especially in videos.

By the way, I wanted to take a photo at certain points during the animation, but the problem is that the colors animated so fast, that it's hard to stop at the right moment to have a certain look. On the other hand, it's nice stopping it at different times and having a different background effect. I wish there was an option to just slow the pace down so I won't need to take so many shots.

Anyways, this is best used with video posts in my opinion, so it's not like an issue or something, just a feature that I personally would have wanted to have when taking pictures.

Overall, very artistic and beautiful background effect, I enjoyed using it.

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