Human AR CSS Border — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 21, 2019 | Filter name: "PSYCHO"

Filter creator: Jade Roche (@ramenpolanski)

"PSYCHO" is a fantastic new Instagram filter by Jade Roche (@ramenpolanski). This AR effect is using segmentation. I personally decided to call it Human AR CSS border LOL, because it reminds me of creating a border in CSS, but instead of doing it on an HTML element, here it is done in AR on a human element. I like it, and a lot.

Now the basic default border is very colorful, energetic and vibrant. When you tap on it, it changes to a monochromatic one with black and white lines expanding effect.

You also have some dynamic light reflection on your face for a final touch.

I really love this PSYCHO filter. You can also see that it surrounds the contour of your body, every part of it, including your hands, head, body, etc. It's like making color "stroke" effect in Adobe Photoshop CC. I personally would also like to see a "running ants" effect, you know, like when you are selecting an object in Photoshop you have this selection lines so that one.

Maybe having something like "SELECTED" filter where you can actually copy paste yourself, this would be so much fun, Photoshopping yourself using an Instagram custom filter in augmented reality.

I love those filters that are very vibrant and energetic, but not overwhelming that can give you a bit of headache after you use them LOL, some do.

I think I've seen a similar idea before, but it was poorly executed compared to this one. I really like the gradient. It seems like one that uses all the colors and kind of cycle fast between the color cycle. The results are incredible.

By the way, when I used it on myself there was kind of a gap between the gradient line and my body, and when I saw this on Spark AR Facebook community post by Jade herself, it looks like it very accurately surrounds the body. So maybe a change was made, not sure just yet.

Overall, really like this effect, and it encourages body movement which is also something I like in many AR filters. this Psycho effect rocks!

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Human AR CSS Border