Message from a Future Post Apocalyptic World — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 21, 2019 | Filter name: "FutureShock"

Filter creator: Marc Wakefield (@marcwakefieldards)

Marc Wakefield has created his own new entry to Facebook's SparkAR challenge. It's an IG filter showing a message sent from a future post-apocalyptic world. When you tap the beacon (try at the bottom part because the top part didn't trigger the interaction), it will open and the recorded message will be displayed in a holographic manner.

 Of course, the best thing for this "FutureShock" is to share it while recording a video, not an image. 

When you tap the beacon, it will open up and reveal you and your message. You can also tap it again and the beacon will close down. So maybe saying something before it closes can be cool, like, "George from the year 4345, singing out.".

Marc recording, the one that you see in this Instagram embed is cool. You can open the beacon several times, and in this embedded Instagram post here you can see Marc doing just that. In the second time, Marc opened the beacon and  just to say "Hi!" - LOL, this was funny.

You also have the option to replace the backgrounds. Marc used some dramatic, highly saturated high-contract scenes with some (acid) rain effect to give that feeling of a post-apocalyptic scene. 

I personally really liked it and you can actually make some cool stuff with it, but it's based on what you are actually saying that will have the effect.

Holds an Important Message

Reading the post on Instagram of this original filter video, it mentioned hashtags like global warming, climate change, save the planet, and eco-friendly. This means that this filter has a positive message behind it, which is not less important, if not more, than the artistic medium which is used to transfer the message. So kudos for that Marc. He also wrote about that post-apocalyptic world message send not from so distant future, which also hints that this catastrophe that we see in this filter isn't far from being a reality and it might not be that far as we already being evident for extreme weather conditions around the globe.

I see this filter kind of an artistic "wakeup call" message and hopefully, with the power of and popularity of Instagram custom filters, we'll be able to transfer this message to more people.

I personally liked the whole design and the flickery hologram message which looks perfect for the setting. 

I think it's a very important thing to use the platform to deliver an important message, especially when exposure for this Instagram filter has the potential of reaching millions of people worldwide. Thank you, Marc, for inspiring other Spark Creators, and I hope many others will see this as a place to spread important messages.

This is Marc's entry to Spark AR challenge, so we all need to wish him good luck. He made some incredible filters and I wish him success in the upcoming Instagram filter competition.

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