Colorful and Energetic face mask — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 20, 2019 | Filter name: "Odyssey"

Filter creator: Johanna Jaskowska (@johwska)

Just a few moments ago I've tried the colorful Rainbow Fiesta filter by Jade Roche and then I came back to review Johanna Jaskowska's filter Oddysey and some magic things happen.

First of all, this filter is mind-blowing and I'll tell you why. When I reviewed the Rainbow Fiesta Instagram custom filter, I mentioned there that I would like to see something more subtle. I mean, seeing the light moving slowly like a water stream on my skin instead of that energetic shifting of the colors that was uncomfortable watching after a short period of time. 

Then I tried Oddysey and it was was just perfect. When you use this AR mask, look closely at the colors and see how beautifully they move on the skin. Kind of like caressing the skin and it's just beautiful to watch.

The augmented reality face mask is very reflective. and this is why the colors look like a thin layer of water moving on your skin —it's so relaxing.

After using the filter for a few moments, suddenly my face turned into a disco house with those colors bouncing all over the place, even inside my eyes—what just happened.

It took me a few moments to realize that what causes that transition from calmness to super energetic rainbow fiesta is me blinking. It can actually be a good blink testing tool. I didn't even know until I tried this filter that I was blinking so much. It was super cool.

Oh, by the way, I tried blinking with one eye and it didn't work, it didn't trigger the crazy animation, only when I blinked with my two eyes at the same time, that crazy animation has begun.

I also really liked the choice of colors. I like the golden color because it makes the mask appear partially metallic when you look at it, although the strong reflection and the semi-transparency make it look more like plastic.

Moving on to something even cooler. I'm sure some of you already tried it but for me, it was the very first time.  I wanted to see what happens if I just put my hand in front of my face, how the filter is going to adapt to that. This AR mask was perfect for that due to its very reflective looks and colors. As you can see in the video below, that AR mask is actually made of rubber! well, the animation and the reflection made it look that way.

It was fascinating seeing how the algorithm adjusts to that change the same as it does when you move your face muscles. It was a cool AR experience I have to tell you.

Back to the Oddysey filter. As you can see, I was really entertained using this filter. I really like the blinking interaction. It was great because it took me time to understand why it suddenly changes pace. I first thought maybe because I opened my mouth, nope, maybe because I lifted my head up, nope.  Only a few moments later it hit me and it was a fun experience to discover that, kind like a guessing game in a way.

If you haven't followed Johanna Jaskowska on Instagram yet, what are you waiting for? You really have to try this Instagram custom filter—it's brilliant!

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