Rainbow shimmery complexion — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 20, 2019 | Filter name: "Rainbow Fiesta"

Filter creator: Jade Roche (@ramenpolanski)

"Rainbow Fiesta" is a colorful and elegant IG face effect. I actually tried a rainbow Instagram effect today and I really liked it. This one, however, is quite unique.

First of all, you have three different filter variations. The first one shows colorful shimmering light on top of a Beauty3000-style effect. By that I mean, a vaseline-like glowing complexion which many people fell in love with since it was introduced by Johanna Jasowska in her Beaty3000 filter and then on her meshed face line filter.

When you look at yourself with that Rainbow Fiesta filter active, it looks like you just rubbed some vaseline on your face and went to a disco party, ROFL. Seriously, that's the thing that came into my mind when I first saw it. Funny stuff aside, it is a beautiful custom filter to look at.

When you tap on the screen the second time, it changes into a classic Beauty3000-style vaseline-like glowy complexion BUT without any of those bright and vibrant rainbow effect. When you tap on the phone's screen the third time, it shows the same first effect with the colors, but this time without any animation, the color effects are static.

I personally liked the static one, which made me love Beauty3000 in the first place. Although the Beauty3000 has a more subtle effect. The first effect, the default one for this IG filter is very flashy with fast animations. I did like the effect, but as I said, I wanted to stop it after a short period of time, because it didn't felt comfortable looking at for a long period of time. It's kind of being idle in a party full of lasers and bouncing led lights - kind of, LOL.

Usually I prefer kind of smooth wavy animation, something relaxing but obviously, this type of animation has its own place.  This is why I liked that the creator of this filter, included three variations. I think it would be great to have a fourth variation, something that moves slower. Maybe it's too much to ask, after all, most Instagram filters have one or two options the most.

The shimmery complexion obviously adds to the authenticity of the effect and make it look more interesting. If there was light appearing on your face in such intensity, is obviously when your face has some sort of smooth reflective cover. Smooth things reflect the light straight back whether rough surface scatters the light and this is why they appear matte. If you want a shimmery glowy skin, you need to exfoliate your skin, remove the roughness and make the skin smoother. Well, I am getting to skincare areas LOL, but you get my point.

Overall, beautiful IG filter and I am sure Instagram users will appreciate having those three variations at hand, well done.

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