Multiple masks, single persona — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 20, 2019 | Filter name: "monologue"

Filter creator: exitsimulation

"Monologue" is a unique and fascinating Instagram filter by exitsimulation. I've tried several other of his masks like Interaction Denied camera effect, and Interference effect and I liked them both. He also released another Instagram filter called "Parabola" that places several masks rotating around your head and facial expressions are transferred to those masks as well.

Face duplication is something popular among Spark AR filter creators so it seems. Exitsimulation seems to love playing with face duplication effects and 'Monologue' is yet another attempt to make something cool using this technique.

Monologue, however, brings something different, something more captivating in my opinion. You have two rotated replicas of your faces facing you slightly further from your face. I like this effect, because the face replicas look to the side, yet the side view generated really well. Considering the fact that the camera captured only the front view of your face, some manipulation needs to be done to make sure the side view of your face is generated faithfully. So on the technical aspect, this IG filter was impressive indeed.

Now, there is that feeling when you see yourself talking to, well, yourself. It is called monologue after all. It actually made me think twice before I start saying things. It kind of like having a mirror of your inner self and seeing yourself in the third person perspective. It's like seeing yourself in a video, but this one is in real time. Because of that, you have this type of talking-thinking session when you thinking about what you said a split of a second after saying it. Something that doesn't happen in my personal life. I usually say things, and later I think about maybe I said something wrong and maybe it was stupid of me saying that thing.

So why I am mentioning this; because this filter was like a therapy session, seriously don't laugh. I was using my own mind to criticize myself as I was talking (to myself). Seeing your face alone even without those masks have this effect, but when you see those masks facing you, it's like the whole criticism thing is emphasized times fold. This was part of the experience that made me enjoy it so much. Also seeing yourself fro the side has a different effect than seeing yourself from the front. Because it gives the feeling of being an outside viewer, compared to a direct front mirroring of your self. This is why those rotated masks have an impact that a regular selfie front view wouldn't have done.

To achieve this effect in real life, a real side view replica of your face, you will need several cameras. This is kind of a way to achieve that with just one camera.

Now, if you tap on the screen, it will switch to different color masks including black and blue/red one (split personality LOL).  I personally prefer the default one that shows the actual face, it just had a better impact on me. I finish that experience thinking that I can cure many mental conflicts and issues that I experience using my own positive thoughts. I just need more time with myself by myself :)

Overall, very interesting design and very impactful when it comes to driving out emotions from the user experience it. This is exactly the type of Instagram filters I enjoy using the most. Don't forget to follow exitsimulation to unlock all of his filters, and there are many of them worth using.

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