Scary demon face makeup — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 20, 2019 | Filter name: "The Demon"

Filter creator: Stefan Nitz (@makerlounge)

I love trying out makeup mask, especially if they are designed well. This Instagram effect called "The Demon" by Stefan Nitz is just incredible.

When I browsed through his IG effect, I came across this one because of its cool icon. It just stood out from the rest. When I tap it, boom, that freakin' scary demon makeup came alive. I can definitely say that after taking a few selfies with this, this is definitely one that gives my family the creeps.

So many things are done well in this mask. First of all, when I reviewed the multi-colored abstract effect by Tokky, I mentioned that one of the interactions didn't look well because the edges of the AR mask were very visible. Kind like very clear edges.

In this demon makeup, however, it does look like makeup and not a mask because of the sketchy kind of powdery-looking design.  Look like a professional Z-brush work if you ask me. This is why this makeup effect blends so well with my face and obviously, it will blend well for any face because of this type of grungy edge design. When you turn your head to the side, it still looks an integral part of your face, like a real makeup work.

Now to the look and feel of that scary demon makeup. The white makeup powder looked great, and if I am not wrong here, I think that design was inspired by Heath Ledger "Joker" makeup from the movie "The Dark Knight" (2008). Kind of a grungy make-up.

Of course, things changed here. If you smile you still get that Joker look. However, the area around the eyes is more patchy/cracked and very dark. The eye area is black with some red dot touches and kind of reflective. This makes it look less flat (depth cues) and more interesting to look at compared to if it was matte black without any shininess. When you open your mouth, the same effect applies, kind of a rubber/void look, so your teeth aren't visible in this filter.

Facial expressions are carried well through this mask, despite not having your real eyes and clear lip visuals.  Make a sad face or smile and this spooky demon will look like you are smiling or looking said. The black cracks line drawing also help here, because any movement of the muscles in the face is reflected back. The base makeup is white matte, and with those lines, it's easier to observe any change in the face muscles.

Today I also tried a camera effect called Electro by Vladyslav Yarovyi and it turned out to be quite creepy. Reminded me of Freddy Krueger. This electric circuitry filter made by Luke Hurd also gave me the creeps, but none of them came close to this demon mask.

Tapping doesn't do anything.

Overall, one of the creepiest Instagram 3D makeup filters I've seen to date. Fantastic design, looks very organic and blends well with the face and transmit the facial expressions well. A fantastic IG filter by Stefan Nitz - well done!

Oh, one last thing. Does this IG filter remind you of the makeup used by the members of the band Kiss? I mean, there were different variations, but it did remind me of the general design to some degree. Maybe someone will make an Instagram filter of some of the popular Kiss makeups, this would be cool, especially for their fans.

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