Multi-colored Abstract Light Effects — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 20, 2019 | Filter name: "Ysh"

Filter creator: Tokyy (@tokyyto)

Today I've tried an Instagram effect simply called "Ysh". Well, it doesn't tell you much about it. This is a stunning multi-colored abstract light effect that runs on your face. It's like a light dance party. If you wear wearing a dynamic Beauty3000 vaseline mask in a part with lots of colorful lasers and led lights, maybe this how you would look like.

The cool thing is that there are several coloring and abstract movement options for you to explore by just tapping on the screen. The second one looks like an abstract lava flow or fire, but I didn't quite like it because it didn't blend well with the face. The reason for that is because the mask has edges, and those edges can be clearly seen. For some masks, it looks great, but for this one, I would have preferred something that can seamlessly blend with the face. Kind of gradual decrease of visibility when the color moves to the edges of the masked face area.  The other ones look better though.

The Makeup of the Future

I really enjoy using these types of these multi-colored abstract light effects. Honestly, it does look like "the makeup of the future" if you know what I mean. You go out and people see you with these type of cool effects on your face. Imagine having an AR mirror or just using your phone, you can create those effects using simple digital makeup tools and when you go out, people wearing AR glasses will be able to see you with that makeup.

Of course, it can be "regular" makeup, but if you had an option to wear these types of "filter makeups" and people can see those on you in the street - would you use ones? It will definitely be much more interesting and eye-popping than a standard makeup, don't you think? I think yes.

This is one of the reasons I liked this multi-colored abstract effect so much because it actually inspired me to think about how makeup will be used in the future. All the materials will actually be digital ones, made using computer software and visualized using these type of augmented reality applications.

We are going to have tools that allow anyone, without any understanding of 3D design or programming to make their own AR makeup artistic designs and share it with others.

Instagram filters do exactly that, but still, until AR glasses arrive, people won't be able to observe that on you in real time as they meat you in the real world. Right now it's just through images and videos posted on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or other social platforms that support augmented reality filters.

The same will be done for clothing as well, but this is for another topic. I think you get the idea.

You can feel it moving

Another thing that I experienced when I used this colorful IG effect is kind of a warmth where the color was moving on areas of my face. Kind of a tingling, although nothing actually was touching my face.

It was kind of a weird feeling. Because I was watching the colors move on my face, it felt, to some degree, that there was actually something moving on my face, it almost tangible.

For all the things said here, this is why I absolutely adore Tokyy's "Ysh" filter. It's absolutely a blast to use and I think I used it more than all the other filters I've tried so far because I felt so many things going on when I used it.

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