Futuristic Neon-lighted Masks — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 19, 2019 | Filter name: "ROBOTICA X"

Filter creator: Michael Nicoll (@michaelnicoll)

You know that sometimes you browse many filters under a certain Instagram hashtag and you see tones of filters, but there is one that really captures your attention. Well, today I came across Michal Nicol's Instagram filter called ROBOTICA X.

Now, it 's not easy to describe it, but I'll try to do it an explain why I love this artistic digital design so much.

First of all, the filter itself darkens the camera stream, what not so many filters do. Of course, it does that for a reason, because it projects some bright glowing neon style colors that otherwise wouldn't be able to pop out. if you want to create a strong light source and you want people to enjoy the experience while viewing it in daylight or in a well-lit indoor environment, you need to darken the camera stream.

Now this ROBOTICA X filter utilizes a shiny Beauty3000 style mask which is duplicated several times backward from the face. The replicated masks carry the same shiny look and also replicate your facial expressions.

When you move your head, because the masks are positioned relatively far from one another, it creates a unique effect when you move your head. It depends on how you rotate your head, the semi-transparent masks will produce different visuals. There are some prominent pink and cyan neon reflection on the face, which is also replicated to the other 3D masks and contribute to a unique effect when users move their head around.

In front of your eyes, there are those two X-letter neon signs, both located in a semi-transparent rectangular container. Which is also slightly animated by moving lines.

All of this presentation creates a futuristic cyberpunk tron look, which I personally find very interesting to look at and it contributed to a more immersive feeling. Kind of being transported into another place than just looking at a mirror and recognizing the same place. In that aspect, that Instagram filter did an incredible job. Not every IG filter takes you to that another place in such a convincing manner. I am not talking about those filters that just replace the surrounding with a different image. I think this is kind of a "cheap" way to create an immersive location transformation in AR filters.

This is why I appreciate what the developer of this filter done here and why I enjoy using it so much.

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