Asymmetric Space face makeup — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 19, 2019 | Filter name: "Space Face"

Filter creator: Tristan (

"Space Face" face effect by caught my attention when I browse through Instagram filters today. I think it was the way it was designed. First of all, it's colorful and has a relatively simple childish design. Second, I like the rounded strokes, the fact that it doesn't cover the whole face and it's not symmetrical. In that aspect.

I like asymmetric makeup designs.  Made digital artists who make AR makeup designs tend to do it symmetrically like the beautiful ones from Lianne Tokey: Rainbow eyes, Rainha Azul, and Butterfly effect.

Of course, I have nothing against it, it's just the fact is that this Instagram filter by stood out from the rest due to its unique design among the other images of AR filters that I've seen on the same page.

It also looks amazing on @hannahdochs with her pink her and shirt. It complimented the art itself and it turned out to be a fantastic picture.

This Instagram filter also applies some beautifying skin smoothing effect to your face, and it does help to blend the colorful space design better on skins with imperfections or just for people who want to use an AR effect filter with smoothing effect. I think many people love that, just because it also makes their skin better when they are sharing a photo of them using a particular filter. I've seen this smoothing beautifying effect used in many Instagram custom filters.

Even Apple, if you remember correctly, on the iPhone XS Max is I am not wrong, applied strong skin smoothing ('Beautygate') by default for portrait shots captured using the front-facing camera. However, it was too strong, and no iOS 12.1 Apple removed the smoothing skin in selfies.

Overall, I found this filter to look original and well designed. has man other filters which I am yet to try out, and if I find anything else interesting, I'm sure going to share it with you.

I hope you like this colorful filter. If you did, don't forget to follow to try out all his current filters and future ones - have fun!

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