Funny Pig's head — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 19, 2019 | Filter name: "AnimalHead-Pig"

Filter creator: Junji Suzuki (@bma_japan)

Juji Suzuki has made several cool AR anima face masks but I personally liked the pig head the most. When you activate this Instagram filter, a pig's head will appear instead of your head.

However, this is not a regular pig, its face is actually hilarious. I had such a hard laugh when I fast put it on.

The other cool thing is that when you open your mouth (no tap interaction on this one) the pig's mouth opens as well, showing the pig's mouth instead of yours. In fact, the entire head takes the place of your head. The creator of this 3D AR mask made sure that something is passed through. Your eyes will still remain your eyes, and they beautifully blend with that pig's head and look very natural.

The thing is that when you close your eyes, it doesn't close the pig's 3D model eye leads, but yours, and it appears kind of less authentic this way, especially if there is a difference in the lighting.

The thing that I liked the most about this pig's head IG filter is that when you open your mouth, the pig's ears kind of flapping fast. I guess real pigs have that same behavior, I can't remember actually.

Anyway, the animation is really cute, and alongside that hilarious looking pig's face, I am pretty sure you are going to entertain your Instagram followers when they see you pop out with this crazy pig's mask.

As I mentioned, the creator also made a mask of a Zebra and a cow, but this is by far the most entertaining and fun to use.

I've tried different animal-related masks, but many of them are just kind of borrowing parts of the animals (e.g. ears, nose, etc) and many of them don't blend well with the real face (some do though). This is why I personally prefer turning into a real pig and one that inherits some of my facial impressions (this can be obviously improved) - than having a partial look that doesn't blend well.

Let me give you an example. See this monkey face, created by Blagovest Dimitrov. The good thing about this mask is that you can detect who is behind it and the gender of the person easily. With a full animal mask, it's not that easy. Of course, unless you know the person, he or she speaks or part of the body is visible. Two different approaches, each one has its own cons and pros. I personally liked the full one better, but as I said, this can be improved as well. None of the two is perfect, yes, I had a good time using those filters nonetheless.

Overall, good work there on the pig face mask, I definitely enjoyed using it.

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