Face swapping effect — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 19, 2019 | Filter name: "Face Switcheroo"

Filter creator: Marc Wakefield (@marcwakefieldards)

"Face Switcheroo" is a fantastic custom Instagram filter that allows two friends to swap faces. Yes, exactly what you hear, and this can yield really hilarious results.

Marc posted some really cool example videos and pictures of this filter and the results are really funny. This is another great use of the ability of Spark AR Studio to detect multiple faces and add applicative effect functionality two both of them interchangeably.

This also means that the facial expressions are copied. You become your friend and your friend becomes you. If you look closely at this video on Instagram, you can still see that the two children have their face swapped but the mouth movement is still visible even while the first person is talking. If you put the volume up, you can see that only one of the kids is talking and the face is just replicated to show the other person is making the talk.

You can have really hilarious moments with this AR effect. I like this filter by Marc because it brings, yet again, something new and interesting to see and experience. Marc has done a terrific job creating IG filters and effects that stand out from the rest. If I am not wrong, he was also among the first, if not the first to publish an Instagram filter, but not 100% sure. I think I've heard it somewhere before.

I think that Marc enjoys playing with the real face of people in a way to create a strong emotional impact. For example, when I tried his Twilight Years mask, one that makes you look older, it did affect me. I suddenly had a chance to look in the mirror and see my older self.

This face-swapping augmented reality effect was also very impactful. I mean, think about it, what other ways do you have to actually swap faces with another person. The first time I actually see it happen, in an accessible way is using this Instagram custom filter and nowhere else. I don't mean like creating the same effect in Photoshop or video editing, but a real live one that you can experience with friends in real time as both of you having a laugh on the way (tons of laughs actually).

BTW, in the Instagram image shown here, you can see Marc using Face Switcheroo with his sun to swap faces. He mentioned that its "Scary", but I really had a blast watching that image, and you can have blast doing so with your friends as well.

Definitely another great custom filter by Marc Wakefield. If you haven't followed him yet, what are you waiting for? He is a very talented Instagram artist and creator with really cool filters that you don't want to miss. Follow him to unlock all of his cool filters now!

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