Face shatters into small particles — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 19, 2019 | Filter name: "Illusion of Self"

Filter creator: Marc Wakefield (@marcwakefieldards)

"Illusion of Self" is yet another superb creative Instagram filter by Marc Wakefield. It simulated a face explosion that shatters into tiny triangular particles. After a certain amount of time, the shattering animation is frozen in space. When you move your head, you can observe that beautiful effect in its full glory. The particles are pivoted to the face itself, so when you move your face, they are aligned and moved with it.

Now it wouldn't be an impressive effect if your original face image was still there. What Marc did was probably creating an average color of the face and apply a blurring effect so it covers the original face in a very convincing way. This means that the parts that are exploded will be replaced with a blurring effect to hide that area that is already been affected by the filter.

The results are awe-inspiring. I remember seeing that icon of this Illusion of Self-filter and this is what made me want to jump in and try it. I think it's one of the better icons made for an Instagram filter, IMHO.

Augmented Reality effects are amazing, but now that you can actually use SparkAR and apply them to a face of a person - there are so many creative ways to make some really impressive and creative results, and this is one of them.

I think I remember reading about this effect on Unity3d.com, where there was a good where you get the particle system and run a destroy function with the game object and apply a duration for that effect. You see it done in many games, where different 3D objects are exploded into tiny particles. It's a very used visual effect in gaming, and great to see it being used for some creative selfie uses as well. Update: just found that article, check it out here on unity3d.com.

Improvement Suggestion

The thing that I found missing in this Instagram effect filter is that there is no reverse option. For example, once that explosion has been made, I want to have an option to tap on the screen and reverse the effect. I want to see all the particles kind of reverse back in time and go back to their original place until my full original face is revealed again. I think this would make this Insta filter even more amazing than it already is.

Overall, this is one of these AR effects that can inspire creators to create some really cool animation effects. I've seen other effects that do face slicing, cutouts, splitting and they look amazing.

In fact, Marc also made another amazing face breakout filter called Robotic Love, where a robot face is being unveiled underneath your skin with a few covers lifted upwards. This is one of the most compelling AR effects I've seen to date and I highly recommend trying it out.

Overall, as I said, yet another impressive and creative Instagram filter by Marc - Well done!

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