Torfu meshed face line filter — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 16, 2019

Filter creator: Johanna Jaskowska (@johwska)

This is yet another stunning Instagram custom filter made by johwska, who created the original Beauty3000 Instagram filter. This one also has that beautiful shiny smooth vaseline gloss but also adds fine-meshed 3D lines that beautifully compliment and draws attention to your facial contour and facial expressions.

At the eyebrows you can see a few dots which emphasize on the eyebrow movements, making face expression more detailed. You see which parts of your face are actually moving. This is why I personally found this filter so exciting. Now, we've already seen this meshed lines example, because this was used to demonstrate the technology on many media outlet websites. However, with the combination of the original Vaseline Beauty3000 filter, it looks much better.

It also helps to illustrate and enhance the original filter selfie augmented reality experience, especially for those who are new to these type of cool Instagram custom filters camera effects.

As you can see in that image, it doesn't matter if you wear glasses, because the glasses are transparent, so it just seems like the fine lines are blasting through your fast.  Still looks very natural and impressive as it is.

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