Robotic Love Machine face exposed — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 18, 2019 | Filter name: "Love Machine"

Filter creator: Marc Wakefield (@marcwakefieldards)

"Love Machine" is a face filter used by Marc himself on his profile page as of the time of writing this review. This is my favorite face filter of Marc Wakefield I used to date.

There are so many great things going on for this Instagram custom filter.  The effect itself is basically showing a robot face underneath your skin. You are basically an android with topped realistic skin, kind of. Once you tap the screen, your true robotic identity is revealed.

The reveal phase is one of the coolest things about this Instagram face filter. Like 8 metallic covers are lifted upwards to the sides like doors and reveal the robot face underneath it.

The effect is very convincing, more than the metallic hole filter made by the same creator. This is because you don't expect a transparent hole, so you just see that metallic interior with the face in it. You can still see the interior because the face doesn't cover the entire area. Marc left a small gap between the robot face and the inner part of the head so you get that hollow feeling and getting the feeling that there is something inside your body, and that the skin is just a fake thin layer of skin. The skin is positioned like a cloth on top of that metallic interior.

This is why this effect was executed brilliantly and it is so convincing.

Now the other thing is that when you open your mouth or even just open your eyes, make them larger, they will turn red. Even your robotic heart-shaped nose will turn red. This face filter is called a love machine for a reason, isn't it?

I am not sure that this is the Instagram filter I would use for Valentin's day, but I'm sure it will be used by loved ones to share their love in a very unique and entertaining way. It's like saying "I love you" in a very awkwardly but refreshing way.

Visually, this IG face mask is very impressive. The animation looks really cool and it's one of those custom filters that you want to share with other people because it's super cool.

Marc never stops surprising and I can't wait to see his future AR masks. Like always, don't forget to click the link below and follow Marc on Instagram to unlock all of his cool Instagram filters.

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