Rainha Azul eye area makeup — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 18, 2019 | Filter name: "Rainha Azul"

Filter creator: Lianne tokey (@liannetokey)

Rainha Azul, which translates to "Blue queen" from Portuguese to English, is a beautiful deep blue flower. I think that based on that name, this what inspired the talented Lianne Tokey to design this AR effect and publish it on Instagram.

It's a beautifully-designed colorful makeup effect for the eyes area but it also designed to run through the cheeks as well. This is my second most favorite IG filters from Lianne, the first one is the butterfly Instagram filter made by Lianne as well.

Lianne also added some smoothing beautifying filter effect to smooth down imperfections and wrinkles and make everyone look at its best. She also added dark "Wine" color lipstick as well as a final touch.

The makeup looks great, very detailed, colorful and the best thing about it is that it is well placed. So when you make facial expressions, that makeup, because of it's simplistic design, takes a slightly different form. Not that it's animated or anything changes, but because it is positioned on the eye area, every slight movement affects the design itself. 

Again, I do recommend visiting the butterfly filter as well because it's not less, or even more impressive than this one.  Great job, can't wait to try out her other filters. Don't forget to follow Lianne Tokey on Instagram to try out all her amazing Instagram filters.

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