Metallic hole in your head — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 18, 2019 | Filter name: "Hole in the Head"

Filter creator: Marc Wakefield (@marcwakefieldards)

"Hole in the head" is an Instagram filter by the talented Marc Wakefield. It's a simple AR filter that puts a metallic hole in your head, or better to say, in your face.

Well, the effect is very convincing. What it does is that it replicated the area above you and put it in the place where the virtual hole should appear. Of course, in order to make it convincing, you need to see what's behind you in that hole instead of just showing a black space.

It doesn't the job quite well. Although for some reason it didn't work as I was expecting it to work, and maybe I just used it wrong. The thing that I was expecting is that if you tap on the screen and you move your head, it will capture an image of that part without you, and then it will project that image onto that empty space. Kind of what you see in that Instagram image that Marc has posted.

When I tap on the screen, it just shows a replica of the camera stream in that hole, which results in a kind of awkward look and doesn't add to the realistic effect that I was looking forward to. Maybe it was the attention of the developer, but I wasn't able to completely understand how to make it work like that.

 That image of Marc showcasing the metallic hole in his face looked great and I tried to achieve the same thing myself but wasn't able to.

Even with that, and with this Instagram filter just replicating the top area it still looked quite convincing visually. I guess if I used it when I point my phone up towards the sky with my face, it would look very convincing because it will capture the blue sky area and position it in the area where the virtual hole is located. I might try it out when I'll be outside, right now I am at home.

I also assume that this was inspired by that Terminator 2 movie scene. Actually, there are a few of those scenes with bullets penetrating the metallic skeleton of the T1000 robot. Here is one of those scenes (via YouTube).

Oh, I almost forgot. There is also a metallic makeup on your face, one that looks like a silver spray that was sprayed on your face. The idea is to make the hole blend better with your face, your metallic face instead of just putting the virtual metallic hole effect on your face without that edge color transition part. Again, good attention to details and it indeed makes the mask look more interesting and the effect more authentic.

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