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Published on Feb 28, 2020 | Filter name: "Shower Simulator"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

'Shower Simulator' Instagram filter is an idea I had for quite some time but only lately I've decided to make it. It's a combination of a shower simulator with simple automatic shower turn on/off option, alongside manual transparency option to allow you to create some funny-looking videos with it.

Shower Simulator Instagram filter screenshot

Quick Controls Summary

Option 1 - Blur applied to the body

Option 2 - No blur applied to the body

Pinch in/out - Reduce/Increase shower volume (if the camera zooms in on the image, just pinch in fast again, I need to find a way to disable to zooming feature)

Side slider - slide down to clearer view, slide up for a more foggy view

Screen tap - Animate shower from foggy to clear, tap again to reset.

How to use Shower Simulator Filter?

Let me give you an example. You can, for example, turn off the shower while it reveals that while you were there, you were actually drinking hot coffee or holding an apple in your mouth. This can hardly be seen when the shower is active, but when it's stopped, you can.

When you turn the virtual shower/bath water off, the shower window fog and the fog inside the shower visibility is reduced. The water is turned off, the sound of the water is no longer active and the body blurring is reduced as well. So now, you have a clear view of yourself doing whatever funny, weird, scary or sexy thing you wanted to show in the video.

I like IG effects that give you the option to be creative and express yourself and this is one of the things that motivated me to create this virtual shower AR simulator.

That being said, there is another cool option, which is. The slider allows you to manually set the shower transparency. Once you set it, you can record an IG Story with that specific transparency that fits your video.

The slider is used to set the base of the clarity of the shower. So if you want for you to be more visible by default, you can lower the slider down or if you want less visibility, slider it up. Once you tap the screen, it will increase the clarity gradually automatically until your body is visible to the camera.

If you just feel like making a cool video with fixed transparency, use the slider and don't tap the screen.

The last option I've added to the Shower Simulator Instagram effect is the option to reduce or increase the shower water volume by using pinch-in or pinch-out hand gestures on the screen.

There are also now two options at the bottom of the screen. Option '1' will apply blur to the body (in case you want to make a surprise video or censor your look), whether the option '2' will make your body appear always sharp.

I hope you enjoy this shower simulator and have fun creating cool content with it. Thank you.

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