Versace Optical Medusa Mask — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Feb 25, 2020 | Filter name: "Optical Medusa"

Filter creator: Versace (@versace)

'Optical Medusa' is the first Instagram filter by the design and fashion company Versace. Well, at least this is the first Instagram effect that exists under the @versace Instagram profile in the filter list, as of the time of writing this review.

Optical Medusa Augmented Reality (AR) mask is exactly what you expect from Versace. It's a sophisticated, multi-variant captivating effect.

Versace Optical Medusa Instagram filter

A stylish effect that comes with various visual presentations. One that I liked is the large semi-transparent Greek mythological figure Medusa, which is the logo of the company. This is why the effect itself is called 'Optical Medusa'.

The Versace effect paints your dark and clothing with those black and white zebra-like stripes. This is a popular technique used by many Spark AR creators, and it's being used in this effect as well.  It might not obvious, because it depends on the color of the clothes you are wearing but it's really cool. Just use it with dark clothes (I use black or dark blue) and you can see how this effect works, it's beautiful! Also if you have dark hair, it will show the patterns on your hair.

Here is a short video review I made about this filter with an explanation of how you can get it.

Versace plays with different visualizations, including segmentation to position the user inside a surreal stylized environment with floating medusa logo elements. This also includes the greek key stencil border pattern that is synonymous with Versace and appears in many of its designs.

If you look at the latest posts by Versace on its Instagram profile, you can see the new high contrast textural line-up which is part of a new line-up of clothing. Those clothing have strips of leather in an array of different tones and finishes. tagged under #VersaceFW20 and #MFW.

These tags signified Women's and Men's Fall-Winter 2020 Collection. In fact, the Winter 2020 collection will have both women and men collections on the same runaway in celebration of equality and inclusivity. This effect seems to be aligned with that unique design and message.

To change the visuals, just tap on the screen which will circulate between the various visual presentations. It's a beautiful effect.

How to get Versace Optical Medusa Instagram Filter?

To get the new Versace 'Optical Medusa' Instagram face mask, visit @versace on Instagram, tap the smiley icon and then tap the thumbnail of the effect calls 'Optical Medusa'. This will launch the effect on your Instagram app (Android/iPhone) straight away so you can try it out yourself.

If you love fashion filter by popular fashion brands, this is a must-try. Have Fun!

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Versace Optical Medusa Mask