TrEYEpophobia - Horror Abstract Eyes — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Feb 8, 2020 | Filter name: "TrEYEpophobia"

Filter creator: Craig Lewis (@iamcraiglewis2)

TrEYEpophobia is a fantastic eye-duplication face effect by Craig Lewis. An Instagram filter that I think deserves much more exposure as of the time of writing. Craig categorized it under "Horror Art", "Scary", "Body Horror" and "Experimental Art". I can agree that the results are indeed kind of weird, creepy and scary to some degree.

In TrEYEpophobia, Craig made it so the eyes are replicated numerous times over the entire face area. It's not the first filter to use face part replication. This multiple-eye effect was done by Chris Pelk with his Spider face effect, another one with mouth copy effect Mouth Eyes was done by doblev.

That being said, this one for me felt original, very artistic and special. It uses the sample concept but creates an original artwork that looks and feels different than the others. Thus bringing something new for AR enthusiasts like myself to experience.

Multiple eyes abstract digital art face effect by Craig Lewis

While Chris Pelk's 'Spidereyes' was made to look like spider eyes and due to its symmetrical design look more aesthetic, Craig's Lewis filter, on the other hand, looks and feels more chaotic, biomorphic, and abstractive. It produces a surrealistic susceptibility and encouraged me to further gaze, explore and want to interact with it. It also looked different on many other faces that I tried it on.

I personally like the bizarre artistic look of the effect. I'm sure if I met an alien or a human being with those types of eyes I would be petrified. It's indeed a nightmarish look, but in another perspective, knowing that it's not real, it's kind of cute. I saw some videos of people using it on their babies and it looked so kawaii, not creepy at all. 

I can speak for myself, in terms of visuals, it produces a stronger emotional response and it's fascinating to watch. The fact that the replicated eyes are moving as your original eyes are makes the effect even more mesmerizing and impactful.

It's like those surreal paintings that I see in museums that make me stare at them for minutes. It's like they tickle my brain, bringing an unknown figure that my brain needs to work over. This why it triggers my curiosity and entertains me.

Now the way the eyes are places and their various sizes are the keys to the success of this effect. This is why this multiple-eye face mask is so inspiring and taught me a few things. I like how the small eyes are used for the contour around the edges and the nose, mouth and eyebrow face lines and that it's asymmetric.

The asymmetrical design makes you lose the location of the real eyes. I was actually looking at some of the photos I've taken, and for a moment, I needed to search for the original eyes, and that what seems like a natural automatic thing that I've done. Like an unconditioned response of my body that searching for the eyes of the other person for interaction. Probably for assessing the intention of the other person to make it better to socialize, asses danger, etc.

This is the thing that I enjoy when I go to museums. I enjoy getting lost in art and looking at things that make me wonder and think. Digital art and augmented reality take it to a new level, and it won't be long that we'll live our daily lives with a great deal of confusion. Well, it's already happening right now, and this filter is just a glimpse of our future mix reality living experience.

The bottom line, I highly recommend trying the TrEYEpophobia Instagram filter. It's a fantastic effect that I'm sure will inspire other Spark AR creators and make you enjoy using it and try it out on other people not just on yourself. Superb work by Craig Lewis.

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TrEYEpophobia - Horror Abstract Eyes