СнеДурочка - Snegurochka Doll Costume — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Feb 8, 2020 | Filter name: "СнеДурочка"

Filter creator: Ирена Понарошку (@irenaponaroshku)

Today I've checked Irena Ponaroshku (Ирена Понарошку) Instagram filters and came across a gorgeous IG face mask of a "Snegurochka" (Snegurka, Снегурочка in Russian). A Snow Maiden mythological character from Russian fairy tails, that made its first appearance in Russian folklore in the 19th century.

СнеДурочка Snegurochka doll costume Instagram filter

Irena Ponaroshju made a filter about this snow doll, which came to life. This fantastical character is also used as part of Christmas celebrations. Iren, a media personality in Russia has made this fantastic face mask that is inspired by those stories. If you are searching for a Snegurochka cosplay filter, this one is perfect for you.

The name of the filter is "СнеДурочка". From what I've checked using Google Translate, "Снегурочка" means "snow-maiden" and "СнеДурочка" means "sleep" based on Google Translate. Well, I am not a Russian speaker but just sharing my findings. Maybe it's another translation way. because there is only one letter difference between the two Maybe you help me out understanding the meaning and the differences between the two words. Thank you.

Anyways, to the filter. A beautifully designed Instagram Augmented Reality doll custom of "Snegurochka" (СнеГурочка) which includes a beautiful prestige head decoration, pearls, shine lights, glitter makeup, snow effect, shiny lip gloss, blush tint, falling snow (it's also used for Christmas after all), and diamonds.

All those combined superbly to produce a Snegurochka doll AR costume that will make you feel like you are a character from a fairytale!

It's one of those Instagram face masks that are so polished, so they blend seamlessly and make your new look feel so real.

I highly recommend checking out СнеДурочка New Year's fairy-tale character costume. BTW, I've read a little bit, and according to one other person, снегурочка means "New Year's fairy-tale character, granddaughter of Santa Claus, Girl fashioned from snow and revived.". It's great discovering the world and other cultures using Instagram filters, another great educational advantage of reviewing Instagram filters.

Enjoy this magnificent AR face filter and have fun!

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СнеДурочка - Snegurochka Doll Costume