Interfaced - Face Mixing Effect — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Feb 7, 2020 | Filter name: "Interfaced"

Filter creator: Gijs Wahl (@gijswahl)

"Interfaced" is an Instagram filter by the artist-philosopher Gijs Wahl. He created this cool Instagram face-swapping effect called "Interfaced". Well, it's more like face mixing than swapping as you'll soon see in the screenshots. That's what's makes this effect different than Mark Wakefield's one and all the other that made a comparable face-swapping effect.

Before I move on talking about this effect. Let's take a look at how it actually looks like. You can see, I am using a sculpture model of a face (a physical one of course). My face appears partially on the sculpture whether the sculpture's face partially appears on mine. So both faces are mixed with each other on each other's faces.

Face mixing/swapping AR effect Instagram filter

Now, face change Instagram filters are nothing new. However, this effect actually makes the face swap effect even better y using Spark AR texture transformation.

In other words, it's a face mix rather than straight on face swap. instead of a fix straight face swap between two faces using standard faceMesh between two faces, it does it dynamically. Instead of doing the face-swapping effect to the entire face, it appears gradually with a liquid spreading like an effect that only reveals part of the replicated face.

So this means that only part of the face will be of the other persons while the other part will be yourself.

Gijsbert Wouter Wahl posts this effect on Spark AR Facebook community, calls it "mix identity", prompting for others to use it with a friend, lover, ancestor or enemy.

His creative concept demonstrated beautifully using a photo of his ancestor by his side. It was beautiful seeing the digitize face mixing effect in action.

I like how Spark AR filter creators take one idea and come up with their own unique and original enhancement to make the original effect different and even more interesting and engaging to users. There are so many great ideas there that you can improve upon using your own creative design ideas.

Keep in mind that this IG effect uses texture transformation over a face mesh that uses stream video capture of the detectable face, your facial expressions will also be replicated and seen live. Any facial gesture that the other person does will be replicated to the other person in real-time. It might bt less stately considering that not all the areas facial expression are seen will be visible, but still, it produces impressive results compared to a static one.

Keep in mind that you can create really unique looking effects, depends on what type of face you use. It doesn't have to be of a real person, by the way, some detectable human-like cartoon faces might work as well. I didn't try it, but it can produce some really cool results. It's a great effect that can be used as a "Toon Me" (check #toonme hashtag on Insta) effect in my opinion, which is trending right now on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.

This is why I felt a need to share this effect with you. I think that Gijsbert has done a fantastic job with this particular Augmented Reality face-mixing effect and it's worth checking out. He also shared the link to the filter, so I can also make it easier for you to try it out. Just tap the Try button at the end of this filter review to try-on this effect yourself. Just keep in mind that you'll need another face, whether it's a photo, friend, sculpture or anything that is recognizable as a second face to make this filter work.

P.S. oh, great name for the filter, by the way, forgot to mention that :)

Enjoy using this filter!

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Interfaced - Face Mixing Effect