Baby Trump Crying Nose — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Feb 5, 2020 | Filter name: "Baby Trump"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

"Baby Trump" is a comical Instagram and Facebook filter that was inspired by the baby Trump's big balloons. I wanted to create something funny that combines my Santa Twerk effect and little Baby Trump on the nose. The Twerk nose deformation effect won't be approved as of the time of making the filter as the Spark AR team investigate its approval process.

Baby Trump face mask on Instagram

I've decided therefore to just use a cartoon character on the nose. This filter takes no political standpoint and it was made for entertainment use only. Although I'm pretty positive some will use it on the 2020 Elections in the US. The image was made by Furfur [CC BY-SA]. It's a cute little illustration of President Trump looking like a little baby. If you see the image from the side, you can see it was designed to be a balloon.

The character has a cute little white diaper, funny little legs, an angry face and a phone in his hand, which I guess it's because Trump enjoys tweeting a lot.

In my Instagram face mask, I positioned the Trump character on the nose, animated the legs and made it cry by adding tears animations and a crying sound effect.

I hope you enjoy using my funny Baby Trump Instagram filter and find it entertaining To get this filter, follow @wowfilterscom or check WOW! Filters filter list on Instagram. This Trump Baby mask is also available on Facebook as well, so if you use Facebook, check and try it out as well or just click this link. Have fun and thanks for reading.

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Baby Trump Crying Nose