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Published on Jan 31, 2020 | Filter name: "Love Game"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

"Love Game" is an Instagram filter game I made for Valentine's Day. But of course, it's a game that can be played anytime anywhere. It was made based on my Soccer Head effect, which is a head-juggling game. However, this time around, you juggle a heart on your head instead of a football.

Love game, bouncing heart on the head, Instagram filter

The goal of this game is to try bouncing the red heart on your head as many times as possible. There isn't any time limit. For each bounce, you'll be getting 1% of Love. Try to get to 100% Love to prove your love, or, you can show over love by passing 100%, which is possible in this game. In fact, there isn't any limit to the percentage you can score.

I love making Instagram videogames as AR filters. In fact, I made quite a few over the past half-year or so since I start making Spark AR masks. This includes timing games like Pew Pew!, randomizer casual games like Billionaire and Facts About Me, and many others.

This fun little IG effect joins several other effects I made for Saint Valentine's, including Hearts, Cupid, Love Meter (this one is a game as well) and others.

How to get the LOVE GAME IG effect?

Same as my other Insta filters. All you have to do is follow me on Instagram at @wowfilterscom to get all my effects. Alternatively, you can just tap the black smiley icon on my Instagram profile's main page to view all my effects. Just keep in mind that you should browse it using your phone not a laptop computer.

Once you see the name and image of the "Love Game" mask, just tap it to start using it. You can also save it locally to make it work offline if you plan to play it on an airplane where Internet communication might not be available for you and you can't go online.

I always recommend following WOW! Filters on Instagram, so you can get notified when I release cool new filters, masks, and camera effects. It's well worth it, so tap that 'FOLLOW' button when visiting my profile on Instagram (@wowfilterscom).

Enjoy this cute little love game for Valentine's Day, and don't forget to share it with your friends. This helps a lot. Thank you and have a fantastic day!

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Love Game - Prove Your Love