Helium Balloon Voice Changer — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Jan 28, 2020 | Filter name: "Helium Voice"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

"Helium Voice" is a voice changer Instagram filter. An app that runs inside the Instagram camera app. It produces a helium balloon gas like funny chipmunk voice effect, like when you inhale the gas from a helium balloon and start speaking afterward.

This effect is available on both Instagram and Facebook (check out facebook.com/wowfilters/ on Facebook to get it on Facebook).

This filter was designed for Valentine's Day to allow people to make funny videos with them speaking with chipmunk high-pitch voice.

However, because this is an Augmented Reality (AR) filter, developed using Spark AR, the experience is much better compared to just a voice changer app. Here you have a 3D balloon attached to your mouth which is animated off once you finish inhaling.

Helium Voice changer Instagram filter

How to use the Helium Voice changer filter?

Tap on the screen to change the color and text of the balloon. Then just Tap & Hold the camera button to start recording a video. First, act like you are inhaling the gas. Two seconds later, the balloon will automatically move away and then this is a cue for you to start speaking. Keep in mind that you'll hear the funny voice after you finish recording, once it's playback on Instagram.

If you are satisfied with the video, just share it online on Instagram or anywhere else.

You can redo the same procedure over and over. Once you finish recording a video, the helium balloon will animat back to its original location near your mouth and you can repeat the same thing over and over.

As a kid, I remember enjoying inhaling the helium balloon gas and making a squeaky voice. It was so funny. I sound like a chipmunk. I didn't even care what I was saying, because everything that came out of my mouth sound so funny due to the voice changer effect. This sound effect changes the pitch of the sound that is recorded through the microphone of your Android/iOS phone. It processes the sound and gives it a higher pitch.

How to get the Helium Balloon Voice Changer Insta Filter?

Just follow me on Instagram (wowfilterscom). You can alternatively just check my Instagram filters by tapping the smiley icon on my Instagram main page and search for the filter and tap it.

If you can't see the effect on the list, please UPDATE YOUR INSTAGRAM APP and try again and it should be there. If you have any other issues, contact me on Instagram and I'll guide you through it.

The Helium voice changer app is also available on WOW! Filters Facebook as well (facebook.com/wowfilters/).

Two Variations of the Effect

I made two variations of the helium voice effect: "HELIUM VOICE" and "HELIUM VOICE+" (plus symbol at the end). The only difference between the two is the visuals of the balloon. The Helium Voice+ (plus) has better more realistic visuals than the other one, but it required a modern iPhone or Android phone to work well. If this version doesn't look good on your device, just use the first one which will work on almost all mobile phones.

I hope you enjoy using this helium balloon voice changer on Valentine's Day 2020 or any other day like birthdays, special events, etc. Have fun!

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