Valentine's Day 2020 Love Instagram Filters

Published on Jan 25, 2020

Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14, 2020, and of course, I made some amazing Instagram filters for this occasion. Will all the activities that are going to take place on Valentine's Day around the world, filters can definitely spice things up

In this article, you can find WOW! Filters Top love Instagram effects for lovers on Saint's Day.

I personally want to be in Disneyland. But mostly be online to check all the cool effects, masks and filters that spark AR creators are going to make for this day.

I developed quite a few exciting Love face filters and even games that I am very excited to share here. Without further ado, let's check out those Instagram camera effects. 

"HEARTS" Filter - Cupid Heart-shaped Love Arrows

Cupid heart-shape love arrows filter

"Hearts" is my personal favorite Valentine's Day filter among those I made. You have two cute cupids flying above your head shooting love arrows towards your face.

the filter also features hearted-eye animation and pink blush tint and freckles that can be activated by tapping on the screen. Something extra to play with to get the perfect look to share in your IG stories on Valentine's.

LOVE CLOUDS Filter - Cupids, Blue Eyes and Pink Cloud

Floating cupid on clouds love filter

"Love Clouds" is all about beautiful clouds. It's an Instagram filter for Valentine's Day for couples to share their love and affection. Use it to send an original video love message to your girlfriend or boyfriend.

In this effect, two cupid character are flying on clouds near your head. It's also a face mask, which features some cute freckles and skin blush. Below your head, a beautiful virtual pink cloud floating in the air in Augmented Reality.

This Valentine's Day 2020 Insta filter, like all the others, was made for kids and adults alike. They are cute, pastelic, gentle and easy to use.

CUPID Filter - Cupid Shoots Hearts Face Mask

Cute cupid Instagram face mask

"Cupid" is an Instagram face mask for Valentine's Day 2020. In this AR mask, you can see two kawaii cupids on your face, places on each cheek. The left cupid shoots hearts at the other cupid who catches them on the other cheek.

The pink red-ish hearts are animated and there is also a nice floating cloud animation (using particle effect) that covers the lower part of your nose. A cute little selfie mask for Valentine's Day.

LOVE METER Game - Love Calculator

Love Meter AR game for Instagram

How can we get into Valentine's Day without having a Love Calculator in hand? Well, I made a cute little game called "Love Meter". This game works for 1 or 2 persons. It shows a love meter above you and the other person's head. When you tap the screen, it will show you the love percentage.

In other words, it will show you how much you love the other person and how much he or she loves you. Or if you use it on your cat or dog (if that works, sometimes it does), it tells you how much your pet loves you.

If you don't take it too seriously, you'll enjoy this filter quite a lot, it's very entertaining to play.

HELIUM VOICE - Record a Cute Message

Helium Voice voice changer filter

Helium voice is a voice changer Instagram and Facebook filter ( that I made for Valentine's Day. However, you can use it any day you like. Tap the screen to change the balloon type, then TAP & HOLD the camera button to start recording a video. Once in playback, you can hear yourself with a cute chipmunk high pitch voice. Use it to create a funny and romantic valentine card to someone you would like to have a romantic relationship with. One of the best filters for messages to use on Valentine's Day!

TOTALLY IN LOVE - Animated Hearts on your Skin!

Animated heart body pain Instagram filter

"Totally in Love" is a cool concept where I wanted to take the phrase "Totally in Love" and try to represent it as an Augmented Reality effect on the human body. What it does, essentially, is puts animated pink hearts on your skin and only your skin.

To make it work well, make sure you wear dark clothes, preferably black ones. This ensures that the segmentation works well, and the animated hearts will only appear on your body, like the face, hands, arms, etc.

It's a cool love filter to share with your girlfriend or boyfriend on Saint Valentine's or any other day like Mother's Day for example. Just surprise your loved ones with this and I'm sure they'll have a cool reaction.

IN LOVE - Animated Hearted Eyes for Valentine's Day

Hear eyes Instagram filter for Valentine's Day

"In Love" was, I think, the first Instagram filter I made for Valentine's Day. It puts some red hearts on your face alongside animated red hearts on your pupils. So it replaces your real eyes with virtual ones. If you just want to have different eye colors, check my Eye Color changer filter instead.

LOVE GAME - Bounce Hearts, Prove Your Love

Love Game Instagram effect

Love game is an adorable little game for Valentine's Day. You need to bounce a red heard on your head in Augmented Reality. For each heart, you get 1% love and the goal is to impress the other person, proving that you are the best lover. It's based on my Soccer Head game and if you love games, I'm sure you'll enjoy playing this one on Valentine's Day as well.

GLITTER LOVE - Sexy Makeup Look for Valentine's Day

Glitter makeup effect for Valentine's Day

Glitter Love is a makeup mask for Valentine's Day featuring a beautiful and sexy heart makeup, magenta lipstick, colorful eyelashes and a beautiful magenta cowboy hat with hearts that you can enable by tapping the screen. It features a dynamic glitter effect that shines even if you just look at the camera without moving your head. It's certainly one that I've sure girls will enjoy using but of course, it's for everyone.

This beauty filter is available for both Instagram and Facebook as well. If you want to use it on Facebook, check

How to get Those Valentine's Day IG Filters?

To download and get all of those Valentine's Day IG effects, make sure you follow me on Instagram, which will unlock on my filters, including all those that you see here.

You can also visit my Instagram profile and check my filter's tab. This is done by tapping on the smiley icon which will reveal the filter list. Then just search the filter's image and tap it.

If you can see a specific filter or filters, please UPDATE your Instagram app and try again.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day, full of love and affection. Even if you don't celebrate Feast of Saint Valentine or going to kiss someone you love on this day, these filters can still be used on other occasions.

I might add more filters to the list, so stay tuned and visit WOW! Filters again. Don't forget to follow WOW! Filters (wowfilterscom) on Instagram to unlock other amazing filters and get notified when I release fresh new and cool new camera effects, games and filters for the Instagram app. Thank you.

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Valentine's Day 2020 Love Instagram Filters