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Published on Jan 24, 2020 | Filter name: "PEW PEW!"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

"Pew Pew!" is my new Instagram 2-player local multiplayer game. To play the game you need another person as this is a 1-vs-1 competitive game. So before playing it, make sure you have someone to play with or to be more accurate, against. This is a reaction time test game that will test how fast you can react versus your opponent.

How to Play "Pew Pew!"?

The core of the game is based on a "Fast Draw' or "Quick Draw" type of games. Both you and your opponents take the role of a cowboy in the US Wild West.

Because guns are not allowed in Spark AR, and therefore no holster quick draw — we use the mouth. This means that upon a "GO!" cue, the person who opens the mouth first will the match.

Cowboy standoff game, Pew Pew! Instagram filter

This Instagram filter continuously tracks the mouth opening of both players and the time it took to open the mouth after the cue "GO!" has been raised. Once you tap the screen, you'll see text and hear a voice that says "Ready", "Set", and "GO!". Once "GO!" is displayed, quickly open your mouth as fast as possible. If both of you and your opponent reached the same reaction time (measured in milliseconds), the game ends with a draw.

I didn't put any 1-win-out-of-something round, which means you decide the rules of the game. You can decide to play against a friend and see who wins the most out of 5 rounds and just play several games straight.

Change Your Hat Colors?

I added a cool feature that allows you to change your cowboy hat color and even have a beard. You have 10 different looks in total, the first five ar color rotations of the head, and the other ones are the same as before, but with a beard.

Two girls wearing a cowboy hat in Augmented Reality

So how can you change your hat color? Simple, just shake your head to change the hat color. Just nod your head left and right several times fast. You can do that at any given time, even during the game.

How to get "Pew Pew!" Instagram Game?

To get the game, follow me on Instagram (wowfilterscom). This will unlock all my filters. You can alternatively, check my filter list (tap the emoji icon on my IG profile), then search for "Pew Pew!" camera effect image, and tap it. This will download the game to your Android or iOS (iPhone/iPad) phone and launch the game.

There is also a try button at the end of this post, which will launch this local MP game directly on your Instagram app. Just make sure you are browsing this page on your iPhone or Android mobile phone, not from a desktop/laptop computer.

Try Out Those Other Games!

I enjoy developing Augmented Reality selfie games using Spark AR Studio for both Facebook and Instagram. It's my favorite game creation platform at the moment.

I plan to release many more games soon, this is why I recommend following me on IG, so you know when I release new ones.

You can also try out some of my other games, like Billionaire, Barney's Challenge, Facts About me, Who is the G.O.A.T.?, Stunt Plane, Soccer Head (Ball Juggling) game and many others. Just check my filters on WOW! Filters Instagram and you can find all of them.

I hope you enjoy playing this one. I had a bit of difficulty developing it as I didn't have anyone to test it with. Luckily, my mother made a small face sculpture that she wanted to throw away, and I just used it to debug and test my own 2-player filter games, LOL.

Have fun, and please, don't forget to share it with your friends if you like it. Tag me in your Instagram stories and I'll repost your gameplay on my IG stories as well. Thank you so much for visiting my blog - cheers!

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