Totally In Love - Animated Hearts — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Jan 24, 2020 | Filter name: "Totally In Love"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

"Totally In Love" is an Instagram camera effect for Valentine's Day (Love Day). This filter paints your skin with beautiful animated pink and red hearts. It was made so if you wear dark clothing, only your skin will have the hearts, not your clothing.

If you are into something cool and artistic, I think you'll enjoy this piece of heart, I mean art. It's kind of a combination of a lovely animated gif painted on your skin in AR. I thought it can be a cool idea to make something like that, so I made it.

It uses the same algorithm I use in my Body Colors and Space Invader Instagram filters, where the body is segmented from the dark clothes. This allows some really neat effects to take place using Spark AR Studio's Augmented Reality technology.

skin filled with animated hearts camera effect in AR

This is just one of many Instamasks that I've created for Valentine's Day, a day where many people from all around the world celebrate love and affection to each other. Valentine's Day (Saint's day) will take place on Friday, February 14, 2020.

If you plan to celebrate the Feast of Saint Valentine, I recommend using this filter to create an original video greeting card to share with your loved ones. Something that will be original, surprising and as a nice gift before meeting each other. A gif that your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife will never forget.

Hearts are obviously the most symbolic thing to use and I tried to portray the phrase "Totally in Love with you" in a filter. The thing that came into my mind is to fill the body with love, more precisely, with hearts. When the skin is fully painted with hearts, you can easily show everyone you are totally in love with someone. I don't think people will use it as a wedding fit, but for Valentine's Day, I think it can be cool to share.

If you are not sure about your love, you might want to use my Love Calculator Instagram filter, it might help you out with some of your relationship dilemmas or before you get into one.

Enjoy Valentine's Day and don't forget to use my filter. Peace and Love.

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Totally In Love - Animated Hearts