Creepy clown makeup mask — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 18, 2019 | Filter name: "Creepy Clown"

Filter creator: Marc Wakefield (@marcwakefieldards)

"Creepy Clown" is a yet another amazing 3D makeup filter for Instagram done by Marc Wakefield. The reason why I really like this makeup filter because it was well thought through. Marc added wrinkles to emphasize the creepy look of the clown so it will look scary no matter which person use this IG mask.

This 3d makeup mask put white makeup on your entire face, then adds makeup to create a big scary mouth with a red lineout that makes you look like Joker from Batman. You get a red noise with a little red noise part. Above your eyes, you get that blue and green makeup and with black thick eyelid makeup.

The part that I like the most in this creepy clown Instagram filter is the teeth. It renders creepy sharp virtual teeth on top of your real teeth, for a super scary finish. Just open your mouth to observe this creepy look.

I've seen several posts of this filter on Instagram and of course, I tried it myself, and I can understand why people like it so much.

Sometimes you just want to share something weird on your Instagram channel, a photo or video that will stand out from the rest. Maybe use it for Holloween or just for making fun with your friends on Instagram. This 3d makeup filter will definitely attract lots of comment, especially if people who follow you aren't used of you putting such creepy selfies online.

I think people who like horror movies that featured scary clowns will like this filter as well. For example, Stephen King's It (1990), Amusement (2008), Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1998), Clownhouse (1989), Blood Harvest (1987), Poltergeist (1982), Carnival of Souls (1998) and many others of course.

Overall, highly recommended, well made and one that you must try out. Don't forget to share the results online, so more people are aware of this cool creepy mask (tag it properly LOL). Oh, it would be nice having a voice changer when recording yourself talking while wearing this horrific clown makeup :)

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