Facts About Me Game — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Jan 16, 2020 | Filter name: "Facts About Me"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

"Facts About Me" is my new Instagram filter Augmented Reality (AR) game. A random sequence game where you get to see and share facts about you with your Instagram followers. It can get weird and hilarious, as those facts are random of course.

To start rolling some facts about you, just TAP on the screen to start the game. The face filter will display 5 different facts about you and then you can share this video with your friends online in your IG stories.

Face about me Instagram filter game

If you are searching for some fun Insta filters to have fun online with your friends and followers, I think that this new filter will deliver some surprisingly funny moments. I also recommend playing it with friends, each one rolls its own facts. A great way to learn more about each other LOL.

How to get the "Facts About Me" Instagram filter?

To get my new "Facts About Me" Instagram game, follow me on Instagram (my handle is: wowfilterscom). Then you'll unlock all my camera effects, including this one. You can also just tap the filter's icon and then tap the game to start using it straight away. The last option is just tapping the Try This Filter button at the end of this article. This will download and launch the game in your Instagram camera app. Just make sure you are browsing the page using your phone. If you can't see the filter, UPDATE your Instagram app and try again.

It can be really entertaining and I hope you'll enjoy this filter as I enjoy playing it myself with my friends. A great little party game if you like, enjoy and don't forget to share your funny moments in your IG stories. Thank you and see you on the next filter.

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Facts About Me Game