Billionaire Net Worth Game — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Jan 14, 2020 | Filter name: "Billionaire"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

"BILLIONAIRE" is an Instagram filter game that allows you to become a millionaire, even a billionaire — just in the game of course. To see you Net Worth, you'll have to give this game a few spings.

Like in real life, it's very hard to get millions of dollars of income, let alone billions, the same in this game. The goal is to try to get the highest Net Worth by tapping on the screen and rolling a bet worth value.

Billionaire game Instagram filter

If you love simple, casual addictive games, you'll love playing the "Billionaire" Instagram filter. If you manage to become a billionaire, let everyone see it and share it in your stories, so the whole world can see who is the next billionaire.

How to Get the Game "Billionaire"?

It's very simple. First, make sure you have the Instagram app installed on your Android or iPhone mobile phone. The game plays in the Instagram camera app.

Next, you need to visit WOW! Filters on Instagram (@wowfilterscom). Once there, tap on the filter's icon. This is the little smiley icon that you see on the main profile page of WOW! filters. Now search for "Billionaire" and tap on it to start using it.

Another option is to follow WOW! Filters on Instagram to get all effect,t including this game. Another quick option is to tap the "Try This Filter" button at the end of this article.

How to Play "Billionaire"?

This Augmented Reality game was made to be very easy to use, so everyone can pick it up and start playing it.

When you launch the game, you just need to tap one time to start rolling the "dice", then numbers will start rolling in front of you. Then, tap again to stop the spinner. This will reveal a single Net Worth value. Hopefully, you'll get to be a millionaire or better, a billionaire. Both the "Millionaire" and "Billionaire" have unique visual animation. It's super exciting to get the billionaire, try it.

As I mentioned, the goal is to be the richest person on Instagram. To make sure this is recorded, don't forget to share your results with WOW! Filters on Instagram, which is me. I will save it and share it with the whole world. This way, your result is recorded and be compared to those of other people from all around the world. Kind of a global leaderboard managed by myself.

TikTok/Instagram Challenge

You can also compare your Net Worth with those of your friends and your Instagram followers. Make sure you share it on your IG stories as well. If you want me to get the video, make sure you tag me (@wowfilterscom) in your IG stories. this way, I can save it and share it on mine. Thank you.

Let the "who is the richest Instagram user" contest begins. Use it as an Instagram or TikTok challenge, share it on any social media platform where you want to ignite some competition and share your amazing Net Worth value.

Enjoy the game and don't forget to follow me on Instagram to get notified when I release cool new filters, and trust me, many amazing filters are coming, you want to know when those are released. Thank you so much for being here, enjoy the game and good luck getting "Billionaire"!

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