Have You Ever Game — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Jan 14, 2020 | Filter name: "Have You Ever"

Filter creator: Matteo Brucato (@belzeburp)

"Have you ever" is an Instagram AR game by Matteo Brucato. In this game, you need to tell some truths about yourself. The game asks you questions and you need to answer "Yes" or "No".

Have you ever Instagram filter game screenshot

To answer "yes", just nod your head up and down and the frame around your head will turn green. Nod your head left and right for "No", and the frame will turn red, signifying a negative answer.

Some of the questions are: "Been arrested", "Skipped class", "Cheated", "Had a cat", etc.

Some of those questions can be personal, but that's the fun part of it. To start the game, you need to tap and hold the camera recording button, then a question will be generated randomly among the available ones and you need to answer. Just keep in mind that you have 15 seconds to do so. Once the video is recorded, you can share it online with your Instagram followers and see their reactions.

How to get "Have you ever"?

Visit Matteo Brucato Instagram filter and check his filters. The filter is called "Have you ever". Just tap on the image of the filter, and it will download the effect to your phone and launch it on the Instagram camera app on your Android or iPhone phone.

A great little game. Don't forget to check his other filters, have fun!

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Have You Ever Game