Mortal Sun - Body Burning Fire Effect — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Jan 13, 2020 | Filter name: "Mortal Sun"

Filter creator: WOW! Filters (@wowfilterscom)

"Mortal Sun" is a filter that will make you burn, literally. OK, not for real, but it will render burning flames on your entire body so you appear like you are on fire!

If you are searching for some cool realistic-looking burning fire effect as an insta filter, one that works for your entire body, this one is for you.

With Mortal Sun, I wanted to create a partially artistic looking and partially realistic fire effect. The goal was to use Spark AR segmentation to make sure that the effect renders on the entire body, not just the face area.

Here is a screenshot of two images showing the fire burning visual effect on my entire body.

The effect makes it like your body is burning with a flame-like effect. This is in augmented reality, of course, so the fire is completely dynamic and changes as you move. For example, if you move to the left, you can see some of the fire animated to the right.

It's called "Mortal Sun" because I was inspired to design the effect's colors to make it look like it's the surface of the sun, resemble it to some degree. Of course, you are human, thus mortal, therefore the combination led me to name this Instagram filter Mortal Sun.

By the way, when you open your mouth, you'll be breathing out fire.  Try it out when using this effect and combine it with motion and mouth opening to create some stunning looking video clips that you can share on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and other social media apps.

This effect is available as one of my many other Instagram effects. To get it, you need to either follow me (which I recommend doing regardless to get notified on new filters) or by visiting my filter's list and tapping on the Mortal Sun Instagram image to start using it. I don't know if that fire in Australia brought this into my consciousness, but I haven't thought about that when the idea came into my mind. Just right now as I am writing these lines, the thoughts of the horrendous fire in Australia came into my mind.

With WOW! Filters, you can be sure that every now and then you'll get some amazing filters that will WOW you. Follow me on Instagram (@wowfilterscom) so you know when I release new extraordinary filters, like this one. Thank you and enjoy my filters! (Don't forget to tag me in your stories, I'll repost any share on my IG Stories). Cheers, enjoy the burn.

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Mortal Sun - Body Burning Fire Effect