How to get Vaporjack Blackjack Instagram Face Game?

Published on Jan 13, 2020

Today I made a quick review video that showcases the new Blackjack Instagram filter called Vaporjack by Luke Hurd that also shows you how to get the filter?

For those of you who don't know, Vaporjack is a new Instagram filter game by the talented AR creator Luke Hurd. It's a Blackjack (Twenty-One / 21) game realized as an Instagram AR face effect.

Vaporjack Instagram Blackjack face game screenshot

To download and get the filter you have to visit Luke Hurd's filters and tap the "VAPORJACK" filter image in the list. If you can see it, update your Instagram.

My YouTube video review about VaporJack Blackjack face game has visual guidance (with a screenshot) on how to download and play Vaporjack IG game on your Instagram app from Luke Hurd's Instagram?

This is by far the most original take on the popular card game of Twenty-One.  I've seen Augmented Reality Blackjack games before, but not one that uses face gestures just a standard game on a detectable surface on iOS. Speaking of OS, Vaporjack works on both iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android mobile phones, but you need to make sure you have Instagram app installed as it runs as an Instagram camera app, not a standalone game.

I hope you enjoy this game. Don't forget to follow WOW! Filters on Instagram for cool new filters and news about amazing new IG effects, Thanks reading.

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How to get Vaporjack Blackjack Instagram Face Game?