Which Wizard House? - Harry Potter Sorting Hat — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Jan 10, 2020 | Filter name: "Which Wizard House?"

Filter creator: Arno Partissimo (@arnopartissimo)

"Which Wizard House?" is an Instagram filter made by Arno Partissimo, an AR creator on Instagram. This filter is a random pick game that will tell you which Hogwarts house you belong to. It's not a quiz like the Harry Potter house quiz, but just a little IG game that randomly picks one Hogwarts house for you. This is not an official filter, but a fan-made filter.

This IG effect is inspired by the popular scene, in which the Sorting hat (originally played by Leslie Phillips) in the Harry Potter movie, will tell you which house you'll be joining. It's a cool sorting experience that looks amazing in the movie and now you can experience it in augmented reality on your own head.

Harry Potter sorting hat Instagram filter

The available Hogwarts houses are "Gryffindor", "Hufflepuff", "Ravenclaw", and "Slytherin".

How to use the "Which Wizard House?" filter?

I've seen many people writing that they can't see the images or they don't know how to use this filter. This is because of tapping on the screen, you need to start recording by tapping the camera button. This will trigger the sorting hat appearance animation and then show you which camp you'll be joining.

It's a fun Hogwarts sorting experience for any Harry Potter book/movie fans out there.

How to get Harry Potter's Hat Sorting Filter?

To get "Which Wizard House?" Instagram filter, all you have to do it visit the creator's profile on Instagram and check the filter's tab (the one with the emoji icon). The filter should appear there, so just tap on the image of the filter and where it says "Which Wizard House?" and it will launch in your IG camera app almost instantly.

Enjoy this yet another amazing which character are you filter. If you are searching for more of these types of games, make sure to check out WOW! Filters variations, including Which Kardashian are you?, Which SpongeBob character are you?, Which Hair Color?, Which Country to travel to?, What Anima am I? and others. There is also a cool filter by @syilers that will tell you, check it out as well.

Enjoy this filter and don't forget to visit again to find out about more cool filters and follow @wowfilterscom on Instagram, have fun!

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Which Wizard House? - Harry Potter Sorting Hat